Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday Recap

My birthday was... amazing. It lasted almost a full week, which made it even better.

I woke up the morning of my birthday just after 9:00 a.m. Can you believe I slept that long?! I smelled fire and quickly jumped out of bed to investigate. Allen was in the bathroom, lighting candles. Hubba saw me first and said, "Shhh... we're getting things set up." Allen turned and nicely asked me to please go back to bed.

I laid there for a few minutes, wondering if it would be permissible to grab a book to pass the time, when my alarm went off.

"Does this mean I can get out of bed now?" I called. There was no answer. Everyone was gone. I turned off the alarm and ventured into the bathroom for a nice soak in the tub without kids asking when I'd be done or notes written in crayon being passed under the door.

Right about the time I was draining the tub some music began to play from somewhere on the bathroom counter. It was coming from some strange device I was unfamiliar with. I grabbed it and attempted to follow the instructions on the front but could not figure it out for the life of me. (Technologically smart, I am not.)

He had gotten me a fancy-schmancy phone, the abilities of which I can still not fully comprehend. (P.S. My one request was NO texting, so don't try. That's a whole separate post in and of itself.)

Finally, after 2 more songs, I found the lock and answered. It was my friend Jenny calling. Arrangements had been made for us to go for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. She picked me up and we enjoyed some omelets, potatoes and muffins along with some great conversation. (It's always a good time with Jenny!) The waiter came to our table and asked which of us was Gerberta then handed me a card.

(like son, like father...)

The note inside explained that we were next going for pedicures & manicures. Can I add that the only thing better than doing all of this on my birthday was being able to do it all with a friend? We both lamented over our lack of recently-shaved legs but decided that they were used to such things at pedicure places. My hands and feet have never been so happy.

(No picture because I did not bring my camera and did not realize that my phone could take pictures. And besides that, my funky feet would likely frighten you. You're welcome.)

We made our way back to Jenny's house where Allen and the kids were hanging out with her family and then headed home for a bit.

Once the kids had returned from school and their dinner was ready, Allen and I met up with Dave and Jenny again, this time for a trip to our favorite local second-hand store. I had mentioned to Allen before that it would be fun to find some awesome outfits there and then go on a date wearing the newly acquired outfits sometime... so this is what we did.

We spent more time than we had originally planned in putting our outfits together but the selection was huge and the end result was well worth it. (My favorite? The shoes. On everyone.)

(He IS BYU. For reals.)

(Have you ever seen a more awesome pair of twinner jackets?! If only they'd had time to grow their hair into mullets...)

(They're having twins. One for each.)

(If those shiny jackets are hurting your eyes, I know.)

As we checked out with our awesome clothing purchases the cashier handed me an envelope with my name on it. Inside was a note from the store itself, thanking me for my hours of time and hoards of cash that have been spent there over the years:

Along with this card:

(Those D.I. workers can get a little risque!)

And then it was time for dinner.

Everyone at Olive Garden was obviously unsure if we were serious or not. Our waitress came to the table with a huge smile every time, as if she was thinking, If you're trying to be funny, I'm thinking you're funny. If you're really like this, then my smile means bless your dear, sweet hearts.

Once dinner was enjoyed we told them it was my birthday so that we could all share the dessert. Smiley-Waitress informed us, "We don't do dessert for birthdays, but we can sing you a rousing birthday song!" We had already (painfully) witnessed that at another table and decided to pass. Besides, the kids were waiting with treats at home. (Just thought y'all would like to know that before you head to Olive Garden for your birthday... they don't do birthday desserts anymore. But you still get an Andes Mint after dinner, which may qualify as dessert. You make the call.)

After modeling our new threads for Dave & Jenny's kids, Allen and I went home to celebrate with the kiddos. They had arranged my favorite treats into this, complete with 38 candles:

Can you say: awesome?

First off, I want to say that my husband ROCKS my world. All of the thoughtful planning that went into making my birthday so memorable was pulled off without my knowing one thing. I am so loved by he and my sweet kids. Thanks, family.

I had also received a plethora of treats, cards and surprises throughout the day and in the days following the anniversary of my day of birth...

Yes, I am spoiled. And I love it. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday awesome. From the 80+ birthday wishes on Facebook (!!) to the comments on my birth-day post to the treats and phone calls not mentioned or pictured here, my birthday was

You people rule.

So, this seems like a good place to end things. But oh, no... it is not over yet. Because on Wednesday of this week, specifically March 31st, Allen and I celebrated with a gift I purchased for myself back in 2009... along with a couple of surprises thrown in.

I think that those deserve a post all their own.

(stay tuned...)


Kara said...

What a fun day! I'm glad you had a great birthday. Isn't it a bumper they don't do dessert at Olive Garden? We found that out a few years back when we took Roman's mom out for her birthday. What's the point of enduring the singing if there's no dessert to enjoy?

Rachel said...

Well see if I ever go to Olive Garden ever again! I swear some places are getting so cheap! :)

Gerb! What a fabulous birthday!!! You are loved girl. This just tickles me to death that you were so spoiled. FABULOUS!!!

Your husband is BRILLIANT! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Gina said...

Happy, funny and delicious birthday to you again. So fun. It really is very AMAZING how much time and energy Allen and your kids put into your birthday and other special occassions. Well deserved. Yay!!!

Kristin Garlick said...

Uhmmmmmm . . . . AMAZING!! What a fabulous, funny, FANTASTIC birthday. Glad you had a great day!

Richard & Natalie said...

Wow, Wow, & double WOW! And you deserved every minute of it!
You're right- your husband rocks! But then again so do you, so I guess it is only fitting.

Katie said...

Your family is very cool. I LOVE those shoes and jackets. Allen and Dave definitely know how to rock those jackets. :) Along with Olive Garden not doing anything for your birthday, neither does Red Lobster! They're owned by the same company. How lame. At least you had some awesome treats waiting for you back home! Glad your birthday was a good one!

Anaise said...

What an amazing day! :)

Teachinfourth said...

Love the photo of the donut 'cake' at night…you got skills...

Corine said...

TOTALLY A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Congrat's again! ;)

Deb said...

SO AWESOME!I love the donut cake idea so much!

Lori said...

How incredible! That's an awesome birthday. Did you for real wear those clothes in public? You are soooooo much braver than I am.

And as far as unshaved legs and pedicures...I am the queen, and they get over it. It does happen all the time. ;)

Kirsti said...

Happy Birthday! We finally have info up on Sending Smiles! Go for details:

Angela said...

Wow how fun and what a creative family you have

Sarah said...

That sounded like the awesome-est birthday EVER!! Glad it was great because you TOTALLY deserved it!!

Chelle! said...

You are 100% spoiled 100% deserve it!! I am glad that you had an awesome birthday.

Holmes said...

So glad you had such a great birthday week. One question--who ate the other halves of the 3? Hmm?

Kinsey said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I love the donut cake candles!!! So cute :) And those them!

b. said...

You have a very creative family! What a fun birthday!

ps. I love that phone

Gerb said...

Kara- The last time we went to Olive Garden for a birthday they DID give us a dessert. Maybe the server just liked us more that time?

Rachel- I'm a lucky one, aren't I? Thanks!

Gina- It's almost overwhelming, but awesome to feel so loved.

Kristin- Thanks!

Natalie- Aw, shucks.

Katie- Red Lobster, too, huh? Good to know.

Anaise- That it was!

T5th- Sometimes the camera does all the work for me...

Corine- Thanks so much!

Deb- Thanks! I think Allen came up with it and the kids crafted it. It was the perfect cake for me!

Lori- We totally wore those clothes in public and it was awesome!

Sarah- Thanks! It was great to be so spoiled.

Chelle- Thanks for helping make it awesome!

Holmes- I'm going to guess Coolister on that one...

Kinsey- Thank you! I think it's my favorite cake yet.

b.- They're awesome, aren't they? And the more I get used to the phone, the more I'm loving it. Thanks for the comment!

Julie said...

Gerby, this is so wonderful. You are so deserving of birthdays like this. You give so much of yourself to the people around you that I'm sure they feel compelled to remind you all how much they appreciate how you touch hearts and lives. :) I think you're great.

Shannon said...

I'm in tears - what an incredibly fantastic day...and the outfits...classic. My husband swore off Olive Garden exactly 14 years ago when his square of lasagne was puny in size. We go to Romano's Macaroni Grill now...although I don't know their policy on birthday desserts.