Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday? Already?

I have been in something of a blogging slump this past week. (Is there really such a thing as a blogging slump?)

I had an awesome birthday, and I will get around to writing about that soon... but for today I have composed some random thoughts related to blogging over at Four Perspectives.

Happy Wednesday.


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Rachel said...

YES! We can get in a blogging slump. Let me know if you figure out the correct potion for getting out.

Richard & Natalie said...

Heck, yes there are blogging slumps! Especially when you have a sick baby and don't get any sleep.
I hope everyone is feeling better soon and you can get some much deserved Z's.

Anonymous said...

For somebody with nine kids to mother, this blog is a pretty interesting collection of thoughts:)

It's lovely to know that there still are loving people out there!

Chelle! said...

I have been in one of those slumps for months!!!