Monday, April 5, 2010

Michael Buble LIVE!

After hearing for the past couple of years that it was worth getting a second mortgage on your home just to see Michael Buble perform live, we jumped at the chance to purchase tickets last December. I may have even joined his fan club simply for the opportunity to purchase advance tickets before they were available to the general public. (I totally did.)

The seats were secured and looked up online. We found a picture which showed that our seats were here:

Just to the right of the stage in the upper concourse, only 3 rows back. Best seats we'd ever had at a concert!

The night of the concert we dragged out my birthday a bit more by leaving early and seeing "How To Train Your Dragon" in 3D. Loved it. If it had some political agenda or underlying message, I didn't catch it. This is a fun flick to take your kids to - although the scarier dragons might freak them out a bit at first...

I realized after we left the house that I had forgotten my camera. Blast it all!! However Allen reminded me that I now had a fancy-schmancy phone with picture-taking abilities, so all was not lost. However, the photo quality is not super awesome. But, alas, there are pictures. AND video.

We went for dinner and then headed to the venue. And here I'd like to give a little (sarcastic) shout-out to the architect who designed the E-Center and its parking lot. Can we say CONGESTION?! Holy mackerel... there were cars lining every road to the E-Center for MILES! We were starting to wonder if we'd even make it in before the crooning began. Luckily my friend Cami had arrived plenty early and was giving me updates via cell phone. We had not missed Mr. Buble yet. The opening act took nearly a full hour, thank goodness, and we got in for their last 2 songs before the lights came back up and we had to wait a bit for the MB show to begin.

Here is a picture of the opening-act guys. I can't remember their name except that it was (Something) 7. And they were full of energy and super talented.

But, wait, Gerb... you're wondering, how did you get such great pictures of the stage with seats on the third row in the upper concourse?

Maybe because it turns out that our seats were on the third row in the LOWER CONCOURSE!! As in, right by the stage! As in, Michael Buble could LOOK RIGHT AT US if he wanted to! Happy birthday to me from the E-Center!! (I may even forgive them for the parking fiasco. Because these seats were AWESOME!!)

The lights went down, the music started and the crowd went crazy!

And then, there he was. Just singing and talking to all 10,000+ of us like we were a couple of his friends. To start off he made a couple of off-color jokes but as soon as he noticed a young girl in the front row, he switched gears. He asked her name, introduced himself as 'Mike' and thanked her for coming to his concert.

He talked to the crowd quite a bit, telling us about his newest engagement and about how much he hated concerts as a kid because they were always so boring and stuffy. Which is why he does his best to make the crowd a part of his concerts. About halfway through he proved his point by making his way out through the audience...

And ending up on a stage near the back of the venue. He started by saying, "Everyone back here paid for their tickets, too." He then sang a couple of songs there with his guitar player accompanying.

He made his way back to the main stage and shared a few more songs with us. Michael sang one of my favorite of his songs, Everything. If you listen closely, you will be rewarded at the end with Allen's "la la la la laaaaaa la la la" solo.

I didn't want to post a bunch of his songs since you can watch the videos on YouTube, minus the screaming fans, but I decided to post another one. You don't have to watch it, I'll never know. But here he is singing Haven't Met You Yet.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, he pulled off this little impression of someone he claimed to always have wished he could sing and dance like...

Before we knew it, he was leaving the stage.

And of course, after the crowd screamed for an encore, he returned for a couple more songs.

And confetti for everybody!

This concert ranks among my favorites. I think that part of what made it so great was the AWESOME SEATS!! (in case you forgot about that little tidbit) but also the full orchestra onstage with him. It's one of the reasons I used to love (old-school) Oingo Boingo. Their concerts were amazing with the varied live accompaniment. You don't get a whole lot of that anymore, and I love it.

This concludes my awesome birthday.

Thanks for enjoying it with me.


Cami said...

It was so fun to see you there! Your seats were awesome. MB was awesome, and I would go again in a heartbeat! Next time we should be some of those screaming girls in the front row. Maybe he will talk to us and introduce

Oh, when he went further back in the crowd (by our seats) he was standing on one of those dough-boy pool ladders. He also started singing "Hey Soul Sister" by Train and said, "I so wish I would have written that song!" It was pretty funny.

Gerb said...

Cami- Actually, it was "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz that he sang the start of & said that he wished he had written it. And I only know this because I have it on video. (I'll email you the clip. He also sings 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' and one other song... but I had to hold back on this post...) I can't believe my phone didn't die with all of the video I took! It was awesome seeing you there, too. In fact, that was my favorite part besides finding out about our awesome seats.

Michelle said...

love, love, love it! I so wish I could have gone. I love listening to that talented guy.
So here's a silly question. How exactly do you pronounce his last name?

Gina said...

I was lucky enough to attend too. I was called by my sister-in-law about two hours before the concert with free tickets. Yipee! It was a great show. I may just have to buy tickets next time.

Meredeth said...

I was there too! It was a really fun concert. I feel so bad that you missed the opening act, Naturally 7. They are my new favorite group ;P I LOVED them!

I think your seats were probably better than my floor seats too! But here's the best tip ever: buy the Premium Parking pass. There was no line getting in OR getting out of the lot! It was the best thing EVER!

Gerb said...

Michelle- There's something about him that is so likable, you know? And as for his last name, it's boo-blay.

Gina- FREE TICKETS?! Holy moly! Where were you sitting? SCORE!

Meredeth- Was your parking a different access than everyone else? Because everywhere we looked there was NO way to get in without waiting in a 40 minute line. How did you get the premium parking? Was it in a different location? And... yes, Naturally 7. That's right. They were amazing - even just for the last 2 songs. We got to jump and bust a few moves with the rest of the audience and Naturally 7 before Michael Buble started, so it was all good. ;)

Cami said...

Gerb- That's right. It was I'm Yours. That was the best concert I've ever been to. I love your video of his Beat It impression. And it was SO fun to see you too!

Meredeth said...

My parents bought the pass for me a few months ago- they're like $20.

The Premium Parking Lot was a tiny little lot on the North side of the E Center. When we drove up to it we couldn't believe the traffic, then we looked ahead and noticed what looked like an entire lane devoted only to those with a Premium Parking Pass with a huge traffic sign pointing us the right direction.
From that lot they let us enter through a different door than other concert goers, so we didn't have to walk in the snow for more than 60 seconds!

When it came to leaving the lots the traffic cops let the premium lot cars pass by right away.
Totally worth it!

Lori said...

Soooo jealous. I love Michael Buble. GREAT tip about joining a fan club and getting advance tickets...I am totally going to do that next time I hear of a concert I want to go to...

Richard & Natalie said...

I am green with envy- except for the part about the parking. I've been there and it is not fun. I actually think twice about going to things at the E Center specifically because of that.

I'm glad you got to go and that your seats were AWESOME so you could take all videos and share with us parking wimps. :)

Annette said...

Okay- just read about your b-day and THIS. Gotta be best birthday ever! And by the way- Happy Birthday!!! :)

Gerb said...

Meredeth- I am SO looking into that pass if we ever head to that venue again. It sounds like it was worth every penny! Thanks for the tip.

Lori- It was worth the extra $30 to be an official fan club member. Will I ever use it for anything else? probably not.

Natalie- I would re-think attending concerts there again as well... except that I may have to try the premium parking that Meredeth mentioned...

Annette- Thanks! It was a blast.