Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quality Time

First off, for some reason I feel like I need to explain that I do not have any favorite kids.

Okay, actually, that is a lie.

The truth is that different kids are my favorite at different times for different reasons. But it sure seems as if I write an awful lot about Hubba on here. This is because he is the oldest of the kids I spend all day with and the brains behind all of their shenanigans.

That said, here is another Hubba story for today.

Yesterday I was on the computer all morning. Hubba does not like days like this because he is a computer addict. Nearly every 5 minutes he would ask me, "Can I play on Lego dot com?" I kept telling him that he'd have to wait. He even resorted to asking, "Can I play on Starfall dot com? It's edja-k-shunal..." And then after a while he switched to, "Would you watch a movie with me mom? Pleeeeeeeeease?"

I started to feel bad. The poor kid just wanted to spend some time with me. So I consented. I asked which movie he'd like to watch and he chose the one movie we had gotten for the older kids. "Seriously, Hubba? We could watch Thomas or UP," I told him.

"No, let's watch the big kid movie. It's a good movie."

So, Hubba, Curly, Little O and I snuggled under blankets and started to watch. About 5 minutes into it Hubba asked me, "Do you like this movie, mom?" I told him it was good but I needed to get something in the kitchen. Usually I can get the kids preoccupied and go back to what I was working on, but no such luck today. "Pleeeeeease watch the movie with us, Mom?"

We settled in. About 15 minutes into it, I was enjoying the movie. Hubba asked again, "Do you like this movie, Mom?"

"Yes," I answered. "It's very good. Do you like it?"

"Yeah," he responded. "But I already watched it before. Can I go play the computer now?"

Can you believe that the entire watch-a-movie-with-me thing was a ploy? This boy has the most devious little mind!

And I like it.


rorymckm said...

tim and i LOVE this story! probably because we can totally see boo doing that! LOL :) :) :)

Richard & Natalie said...

He is good. What a clever kid.

Gina said...

I like it too.

Snarr said...

Keep up with great story!! thats your journal for your family or kids in future!!! :-)

Rachel said...

Oh he's good. Reeeeal good! Gee, I wonder where he learned this tactic? ;)

Rebecca said...

Wise beyond his years.

Corine said...

LOL - You have some conniving (clever) little kids! Where did he learn that? ;D

Anaise said...

Funny, smart boy!

Gerb said...

Rory- Somehow I can see her doing that, too. She's definitely a little smarty!

Natalie- Too clever for his own good!

Gina- Thanks.

Matt- Will do! Thanks for stopping by.

Rachel- Yeah, guilty. ;)

Bec(ky)- (sorry, I couldn't resist!) He's definitely on to me...

Corine- Conniving is the perfect word for it. Or precocious.

Anaise- That he is! I try not to let him see how much I enjoy his antics.

Lori said...

How delightfully devious. Love that kid.

And don't feel bad. I don't think it's a "favorites" thing--I think some kids just have these HUGE personalities that lend themselves to stories--like Lawson. Lawson always invites a story. Autumn's quieter, and I have to work at wrapping a story around her. I think to compensate, I'm going to start a "tumbling season story" page that will revolve around her and her story. Then I won't feel like I'm leaving her out quite as much.

Teachinfourth said...

I think Rachel has a good point...he learned this from somebody. I wonder just who it really was.