Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Singing Sensation

The sound was... disturbing.

I was trying to listen to some music as I made dinner, but loud, top-of-your-lungs, off-key singing was coming from the room which my 2 teenage daughters share and, although hilarious, I could not take another minute of it.

"ElemenoB!" I shouted, "keep it down in there!"

"She has her headphones on, Mom," Thumbelina informed me. "She can't hear you. She can't even hear herself, obviously."

And this is when the plan began to take shape in the evil part of my brain that is conditioned to teach my kids their life lessons in a fun (and embarrassing) way.

I grabbed my camera...

...and then played it for her.

"Do you hear yourself?" I asked her. "This is what we get to listen to when you're singing with your headphones on. We can not even hear ourselves think." (Do I sound like your mother, or what?)

Apparently, she did not learn her lesson, because a couple of days later when I was trying to have a phone conversation I was constantly distracted by her much-too-loud singing again...

And I showed it to her. She laughed. I also asked why she found it necessary to stand on her bed while doing her self-performances. She promised to stay on the floor.

I suppose she thought that staying off of the bed was my main point, because WITHIN 20 MINUTES she was at it again. I grabbed my camera... but she had locked her door.

Her confidence in her lock was laughable. Does she think I haven't unlocked her door before? Once the lock was unlatched (child's play!), it was time for another video.

I cracked open the door and realized that she was serenading her sister who was sitting on the floor, her back to me, allowing for plenty of camera time...

This time she was a bit embarrassed because it looks like she is singing to her bed post.

"As long as you continue to sing, I will continue to record your performances for all posterity," I told her. "And don't think I won't post them on Facebook and my blog."

"Yeah, like anyone reads your blog," was her cocky reply.

Did that sound like permission to you? Or maybe even a dare?

Because it certainly did to me.


Rachel said...

LOL! Oh I am laughing hysterically! I can't wait to show this to my boys!!! They're gonna love this! :D

Oooh I love the minds of evil mothers. (Grinning wickedly)

Anna said...

That is hilarious!!! I wonder if my mom has your point of view when I sing(though I don't confine to my room, I just belt songs all around the house)

I just might have to tease her on this:)

Gerb said...

Rachel- The more viewers, the merrier!

Anna- Let me clarify that she sings great when her headphones AREN'T on... It's just when she can't hear herself that things turn a bit sour.

And please - tease away!

~j. said...

Beautiful. Does she take requests?

Denae said...

This is so great!

Gerb said...

~j.- For you, I will ask.

Denae- Isn't it awesome? These are the things I wish my mother had done for me. I'm just trying to make a better life for her.

Richard & Natalie said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! It definitely sounded like permission to me.
All-a-boy told me about this last Friday and I was laughing then, but to see it...I was rolling. I'm glad you posted it. I'm sure she won't be, but I definitely am.

Gina said...

Too good. Tell her that my kids and I enjoyed.

Just SO said...

Awesome!!! I love it! You are doing your mom job super well in taking these videos and posting them.

jstrong said...

I have no idea who you are, since I just skipped to your blog by accident, but please let your daughter know that the stranger in Montana thoroughly enjoyed your blog and suggests that if she insists on singing that you at least indulge her with some singing lessons. (You can get them fairly cheap from a vocal performance major at your local college) just a thought. :)

Jennie in Montana

Cami said...

I am SO doing this to my kids when they are teenagers!


Autumn said...

I love it!!! I also am laughing out loud. Sounds like your daughter doesn't realize how many fans her mom has. I can't wait to show it to my husband and all of my posterity. My husband is constantly singing and usually is unaware of it. Luckily it's quiet and I usually can't make out the words but it is constant. I have a sister who sings a lot louder and she actually won Miss Payson with her talent. Thanks for sharing those videos.

Anaise said...

None of the videos will play for me--so even though my kids are gathered around wanting to hear/see we can't!!!

We'll just pretend.

(Isn't she kind of like her mom?)

Mamma has spoken said...

Hehehe, my sons say the same thing about my blog. So let her know that her videos are now being seen in the south, in Kentucky. It's just a matter of time before they go global ;o)

Lena the Teacher said...

Love it! Such a fun way to make kids stop!

Katie said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! I love it! Even better is the fact she's got her basketball shorts and basketball close by. You go girl! lol

hatsandmissy said...

Hey that is SO funny! if my mom ever did this to me i would kill to get it off the internet! but the internet is forever!!

Sarah said...

And all the waaaaay out here in Southern Az, we are watching and giggling like little girls while watching that girl belt the tunes.

I LOVE the "Spider-Man" song, sooo funny!

(oh, and you TOTALLY had permission. Totally.)

Gerb said...

Natalie- Hey, she gave me permission, right?

Gina- Will do.

SO- Why, thank you! I'm sure she'll be excited when she sees how many comments I got.

Jennie in Montana- Thanks for the comment! She actually sings very well when her headphones aren't in. But thanks for the suggestion. You're welcome back here anytime!

Cami- I'm guessing you could get some great K footage right now...

Autumn- I think we can all sing, in varying degrees. Some are more bearable than others.

Anaise- I wonder why they wouldn't work? The difference between her and her mom is that I always leave one headphone out so I can hear myself.

MamaHS- I can't wait to tell her she's made it to Kentucky. Awesome!

Lena- You know, she hasn't done it again, so it must be working...

Katie- That's my girl.

Hats: Amen! She's going to love seeing all the comments. This is awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah- Thanks for backing me up. I completely agree.

Teachinfourth said...


Any person who shares embarrassing things about their kids is awesome in my book.

Besides, she did dare you.

Jen said...

Too funny! I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm so very glad I did....My 13 year old daughter tortures me with her Rock Band Singing..."Eye of the Tiger". Next time, I will be ready!

Jen said...

I showed my daughter your videos today! Sooo funny!