Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Train Trouble

Have you ever wanted something you didn't have?

(I'm not sure if anyone could honestly answer no to that.)

Hubba thought he had the best train set on this planet until...


You want to read the rest of the story?

I hear that the grass is much greener over at Four Perspectives today.

Click on over to see how everything worked out.


Richard & Natalie said...

Ha, Ha, Ha... I am an idiot. I forgot that I read 4 P's this morning and esp. the topic in particular, and here I go clicking on your blog and your pic of the trains & Hubba pops up. The two thoughts that go through my head are "I love Gerb's chairs." & "I want Gerb's chairs." Then I read your opening sentence "Have you ever wanted something you didn't have?"
Guilty as charged.
How's that for not learning my lesson.

Rachel said...

LOL!! I'm laughing at Natalie's comment because GUILTY!!! I was thinking Gerb's chairs were pretty cool too!

Gerb said...

Natalie & Rachel- Talk about driving a point home... ;)

Those chairs are from the RC Willey outlet right here in our fine city. But the price was so amazing that I'm pretty confident we depleted their stock. That, and it was over a year ago. But thanks for liking them.

And, for the record, I'd like to have Natalie's ability to run and Rachel's ability to make quilts and stuff out of yarn. Want, want, want!!

Rachel said...

Love that RC Will's outlet store....gonna be going there soon. In desperate need of some new couches. When the stuffing is coming out of all of the cushions and all there is left of an arm rest is wood......yeah. It's time.

Corine said...

This is wierd. I don't even own kitchen chairs, and i didn't notice them. I just want chairs, :0any chairs! GUILTY here too...