Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life Is A Highway

Yesterday we made the long trip back home from our annual visit to sunny southern California. As we drove and the scenery changed from the Joshua Trees of the high desert to the bright lights of Las Vegas; from the crimson cliffs of southern Utah to the snow-covered mountains closer to home, I realized that these road trips are a lot like life.

Sometimes the roads are free and clear with no obstacles or distractions, but other times we get mired in traffic and chaos and we have to make a choice. We can patient and wait until we pass through it all or we can become angry and frustrated about the surrounding chaos - even though it is something beyond our control.

Often we will notice that the traffic is stopped on the other side of the road. This makes us thankful that we are traveling in a different direction just then.

There are times where we may become lost and unsure of where to go. We can choose to stop and ask for directions or try to make our own path to our destination but either way we are usually able to eventually get to where we are going. Some paths are more difficult to travel but offer a much better view while other times the road will be easy to navigate.

We may encounter ground-shaking storms or patches of ice which require us to slow down for a bit or maybe even to stop altogether in search of shelter. Other times we will enjoy perfect weather; sunshine with just enough cloud-cover to offer warmth and protection at the same time and road conditions which are near perfect.

When we start to run out of gas it is an opportunity to pull over, stretch our weary bodies and fill up our tanks again. The road is always there, but we don't have to rush to get back to it; we can take our sweet time, take pictures, and resume our road-trip when we feel ready.

Some journeys are long and seem almost never-ending, other trips are much too short, but the excursion is always worthwhile for the people we meet, the experiences we gain, the memories we make and the beautiful scenery we take in along the way.

And regardless of the length of our drive or the things we encounter, the journey is all worth it when we reach our destination in the end.


Brown Thumb Mama said...


Salcido said...

Great analogy! Love reading your stuff!

Deb said...

agreed...and remembering this helps me through it all!

Gina said...

Maybe you are such a happy person because you live your life finding analogies that help you through. Whatever it is, you are happy and you have analogies. I love them both.

Gerb said...

Pam- Thanks!

Salcido- Thanks for reading; it makes writing worthwhile.

Deb- Same here. I wonder if I was made to think in analogies because someone knew it was the only way I'd really 'get' things?

Gina- If I actually wrote about all of the analogies that I think of you'd likely be sick of them! Thanks for always making me smile.

Richard & Natalie said...

So true, so true.
Nicely written, Gerb.
It's interesting to stop and consider what kind of road we're on and where it might take us; a lot of times I need to do a U turn. Thank heavens it's a 2 way street.

Gerb said...

Natalie- U-turns are my specialty! Although sometimes it ends up being more of a 3-point-turn because it takes me awhile to figure it out...

Denae said...

I love this, sometimes I feel that my road is much to riddled with potholes. But it is always nice to stop,stretch and look back at how far I've come.

Thanks for the wonderful message.

Farscaper said...

So True!!

Every so often another driver will catch my attention... typically someone who's huffing and puffing about traffic. I will notice that the other driver and myself will basically arrive at the same destination at the same time (he may have beat me by a few seconds) but I'm "normal" and he's all red faced and tensed up.

I giggle when I see how worked up the other person is.... don't know why I find it so funny.

Threeundertwo said...

What a great post. Happy New Year!

Rachel said...

The lurker makes her appearance. :D

This is truly beautiful. I love this! Wow.

On our way up to Montana there are many stretches of road that are seriously the most borring stretch of road ever. They are in Idaho....naturally. :) When we are on those long stretches with nothing in site I can't wait for them to end. I think perhaps on the road of life I need to enjoy and appreciate those 'borring' stretches of road. I'm just not good at sitting still!

Gerb said...

Denae- It's hard to figure out what lessons the potholes are teaching us when we're trying to avoid them, isn't it?

Farscaper- Funny you should mention that. I had that exact experience today and just had to smile. Of course, I've been on the other side at times, too. And then I just feel stupid.

3U2- Thanks! And happy 2010 to you, too!

Rachel- Thanks for surfacing out of lurkdom to comment. ;)
I am willing to bet that the picture which accompanies this blog was taken on that stretch of road you mentioned... it was in Idaho and MAN was I bored, but the clouds were just beautiful so I couldn't resist snapping a photo. Sometimes it's good to just enjoy the scenery on life's road, you know?

Rachel said...

Yeah but Idaho? I dunno...... :D Just kidding. I totally get your point and agree.

Richard & Natalie said...

Gerb- You are lucky to only have to do a 3 point turn, it takes me at least double that. :) I like to think it is because of the huge "cars" we drive at some parts of our lives (pregnancy, holidays, etc.)
And you and Rachel should be more kind to poor Idaho; it isn't Idaho's fault. We take the same stretch when we go to Canada and one of my favorite stretches of the drive is through the pan handle; it is absolutely breathtaking. So I figure God used all the beauty for Idaho on the northern part and when it came to the southern part there just wasn't much left to go around. :)

Lori said...

So very true. I'm going to print this out and stick it in my car for the next time I get stuck in traffic. I will then pull it out and read it, over and over again, as I try to make sense of not moving forward. ;)

All facetiousness aside, you are a very wise woman, Gerb.