Friday, August 7, 2009

Boys vs. Girls

(Cowgirl and Princess rode the escalator numerous times on their shopping trip)

Well, friends, the summer is almost at a close (sad, sad, sad!) and that means it's my favorite (lie, lie, lie!) time of year - time for back-to-school shopping! I take the kids in groups of 2 for my own sanity. And here is the difference I noticed between back-to-school shopping with boys and back-to-school shopping with girls (using my 4 oldest as examples):

BOYS (aka Coolister, age 16 and All-a-Boy, age 10)

Me: Hey, guys, what do you need to get before school starts?

Coolister: A pair of pants.

All-a-Boy: I don't think I need anything.

Me: You're kidding me, All-a-Boy. You don't even own a pair of pants without holes.

All-a-Boy: I can just wear shorts in the winter.

Me: No.

All-a-Boy: (rolling his eyes) Ok, a pair of pants. But I hate shopping.

(Actual shopping trip includes my choosing pants, shirts and shoes for them to try on & purchase from only 2 stores. If you don't include the time we spent perusing books (love, love, love!), we were finished in less than 2 hours.)

GIRLS (aka ElemenoB, age 14 and Thumbelina, age 13)

Me: Okay, ladies, what do you need to get before school starts?

ElemenoB: At least 2 pair of jeans, some shirts that aren't t-shirts and a belt.

Thumbelina: I need some collared shirts, some tennis shoes for P.E., some cute shoes for school and some church shoes.

ElemenoB: Yeah, if I could find some more cute shoes, that would be nice, too.

Thumbelina: Oh, and some dresses.

Me: You're going to wear church shoes and dresses to school?

Thumbelina: If they're casual and cute, yes.

ElemenoB: I also need some new mascara and some running shorts.

Thumbelina: Yeah, I need P.E. clothes, too.

(Actual shopping trip consists of their choosing items to try on - including numerous t-shirts for ElemenoB (???) - and roughly 3 items each being purchased from a total of 6 stores. Total time invested thus far is 5 hours... and we're not finished yet.)

The difference?

Boys are no-nonsense, practical and deliberate.

Girls are... not.

But I love having both. (Love, love, love!)


Mrs. Black said...

I can not wait to spend time with these cuties next week! I love you guys!

Anaise said...

I don't have both . . . but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. The comparisons were simply delightful.

Teachinfourth said...

I'll go shopping with Coolister and All-a-Boy anytime...had far too many experiences of being dragged from store to store for hours on end.

Pure, unadulterated torture.

Trish said...

I love havning both too...

But I now know all to well why everyone always says boys are easier. :)

Rebecca said...

I don't have boys, but some of my daughters are boyish shoppers. I like having daughters to shop with. (Love, love, love shopping!)

Deb said...

My son,13, is so easy to shop for...he doesn't even want to 15 yr old daughter would prefer me to just pick things and my 17 yr old daughter...well, I would never pick anything for her.( I actually hate going with her...I send her by herself) My 6 year old daughter, just likes to have new things...but can be picky!

annette said...

Ditto at my house. Literally! Dinohunter- "I'm good." Wizkid- "1 jacket, and maybe a sweatshirt"- got at DI. BaNaNa (whose Aunt just took her shopping 2 mo. ago)- "Mom I need... for school" Me- "But you just got clothes!" Her, rolling her eyes- "That was for SUMMER!" :)

Steph said...

I love reading about what I'm missing out on with all boys. LOL! Do the kids wear hand-me-downs from each other, too?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! Love this. SO true. Lawson's list tends to run more toward "a new shovel" and "a skateboard with a skull on it," though.