Friday, August 21, 2009

School Stuff

This is the pile of disclosure documents I was expected to read, sign and provide my phone numbers and email address on after school yesterday. Between my 3 oldest kids I counted a total of 23 separate documents.

Do you know how much time it would take for me to read through each of these? I did what any responsible parent would do. I made my kids read them. And then I signed them, tore off the signature page, and stashed them away to be read later.

The sad thing is this: I will read them later. Every one. Every. Single. Word. And do you know why? Because I love to get out a brand new red pen and find typos and grammatical errors. It makes me feel smarter than the teachers. This way, if I go to student/educator/parent conferences (formerly known as parent/teacher conferences) and the teacher acts snooty I can secretly say to myself, Yeah, whatever, Mr.-14-Errors-On-The-Disclosure-Document. Don't get all hoity-toity with me! You don't even know proper sentence structure! Yes, I am Gerb, and I'm a nerd. (Nerds everywhere respond: Hi, Gerb!)

In other school-front news, my neighbor called me this week and told me she had signed up to be Room Mother with me in All-a-Boy's 5th grade class. I was a little surprised by this since I had not actually signed up to be Room Mother. "It was your name on there," she told me. "I know I saw it."

I had to bring Princess to the school for some 1st grade reading testing so I decided to investigate. Sure enough, my name was there on the clipboard:
In All-a-Boy's very careful handwriting.

(Yes, I am going to do it.)

This school year is going to be awesome.


Cara said...

This year the jr. high is doing the disclosure documents online. It made the open house pointless and Tyler didn't have homework for me after his first day, wierd.

Autumn said...

Thanks for writting; All of yore pohsts Are so intertayning.(You should enjoy editing this.)

PS I am a really good speller and I won almost all the spelling competitions up until the 6th grade. I hope you are impressed.

Gerb said...

Cara- Online disclosure documents? No need for back to school night? That sounds like pure genius to me!

Autumn- Those misspelled words make my hairs stand on end.

ps I am also a really good speller who won all the time until 5th grade when the word 'principle' stumped me on the first round. I was so excited to use the "Just remember, the princiPAL is your PAL" dealy that I didn't even listen to the sentence to accompany the word. I am still humiliated by that to this day.

~j. said...

Just about 2 hours ago, in the 5th grade classroom, where I was instructed to sit and watch while the teacher explained to me how to help my child with her homework, the teacher wrote on the board:



Gerb said...

~j.- That's where my OCD kicks in... I will find a way to erase the extra b without the teacher knowing - or pull out my camera and take a picture of it so I can blog about it.

Gina said...

You are killing me! You are awesome. I love you! I would say that I enjoy looking for errors in a document, but you, like my husband, get an adrenaline rush! He will look for other wards' newsletters just to correct them during our sacrament meeting.

Brown Thumb Mama said...

*ahem* Hi Gerb!

Count me in as one of the other nerds. ;o)

Anaise said...

Typos and misspellings aside (though they are starting to appear in alarming numbers in my posts!!!), my favorite part of this is that your 5th grader really wants you around--what a compliment!

Teachinfourth said...

It was quite humorous really; All-a-Boy came dashing into the classroom at Back to School Night. He breathed out a HUGE sigh of relief upon examining the blank sign-up form.

He then stood, guarding the clipboard, and requested a pen (I guess he was afraid that pencil could have been erased far too easily). As he wrote he offered up the explanation, "My mom couldn't get down here right away, so I had to come down and sign her up before anybody else got the job."

I made him use a pencil...just to drive him crazy.

Cari said...

This year, I made Lee take Cole's disclosures and I took Scott's. I signed my signature so many times, I felt like I was closing on a loan or something.

Lena the Teacher said...

ok- I am sending you my disclosure document this year to look over!