Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's In A Name?

Photo from Disney/Pixar
Last Sunday at church, I wanted to emphasize my point with a story.

"There was a little boy named Wally," I began, summarizing the narrative in my lesson manual.

"WALL-E?" Super C asked. "Like the wo-bot in the movie?"

"Actually," I replied, thinking quickly, "the boy's name was... Wilbur."

"Like the pig in Shaw-let's Web?" Super C countered.

"Okay," I suggested, "let's call him Walter."

"Walt-o is the boy in the movie about the house in space!" Super C told us.

"Hmmm. How about Will?"

"That's my fwend Lilly's bwuth-o!" he informed me.

"Well, Super C, what would you like me to call him, then?" I inquired.

"I fought you said his name was WALL-E. Why awen't you cau-wing him that?"

Good point.


Teachinfourth said...

I'll bet Winthrop probably wouldn't have been taken...or maybe Wyndham or Wirt...though Wirt sounds an awful lot like dirt and I used to eat dirt...

Kimm said...

What a great story!! I love teaching primary!!

Gerb said...

T5th- Those names all sound like some old geezer who has tea and milk-toast brought to him on a tray each morning. Well, maybe not Wirt. That's one I can honestly say I have never heard.

Kimm- Amen! These kids never cease to make me smile. I have the most awesome bunch of kids in my class.

Anonymous said...

This is why my kids are Autumn and Lawson. After 8 years teaching high school, EVERY name except those had a connotation, either from a student, book, or movie. ;)

Burns said...

Oh boy does that mean I let him watch too many movies? Man, I did not know he could remember and recall things like that. Gerb, I'm glad you see humor in all of C's many techniques of distraction. I'm learning to appreciate him more just by seeing him through your eyes. Thanks.