Sunday, July 19, 2009

Accidentally in Love

From my place in front of the kitchen sink, I heard the screeching tires. The impact. The sound of dragging metal. It was much too close for comfort. I ran outside in my socks and noticed that the car was parked at an awkward position, but everything seemed fine.
After doing an inventory of kids and bikes and realizing no one was hurt, I checked out the other side of the cars.
Maybe it was a bit more serious than I thought. My mind began immediately racing with thoughts of the terrible things that could have happened. All of the what-ifs. And then, looking at the wreck in my front yard, my brain shifted.

I couldn't help but notice that these two cars looked as if they were clinging to each other... one with a tire outstretched as if offering comfort to the other.
It was like the car that had caused the accident was telling our car it was sorry. Like they were close friends. Or maybe even more? Had they been checking each other out all these years, parked across the street from each other for so long? Had they been holding on to the hope that they might find themselves on the same side of the road sometime? I walked around to the back of the accident to assess the damages there. And I thought...
Don't they look like they're in love, all huddled close together?

I just wish they didn't have to meet by accident.

I know some of you are probably wondering what happened. The oldest daughter of one of our neighbors was coming home from work. It was determined that she was looking at her cell phone when the car veered to the right and by the time she looked up, she was immediately behind our little Neon with no time to correct herself. She carried our car from the curb to the sidewalk and onto our lawn and driveway. She was traveling fast enough that airbags were deployed - and the only (minor) injuries she received were from the impact of the airbag (thank heavens!). Both cars are no longer operable - but the cars are just 2 hunks of metal and glass... they can be replaced. Those damages are not important. We are just very, very grateful that none of our kids or neighbor's kids were playing in front of our house at the time. We are also very, very grateful that our neighbor's daughter is fine. Our suburban was not parked on the street or in the driveway or else it most likely would have sustained some damage as well. For this we are also glad.

And yes, I really did think about the cars having a relationship. That, my friends, is how my mind works. I can't help it. (Or maybe I have just watched the movie
Cars one too many times.)


Anaise said...

That perspective is going to make me smile all day. :)

Sarise said...

That happened to my Neon years ago, too!!! It was parked in front of my parents house in MN, just likes yours was, and in the middle of the night someone ran right into the back of it, pushing it up into my NEIGHBOR's front yard. It, too, was totaled....a very sad day. That purple little beauty was a gem.

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad nobody was hurt. Yes, cars can be replaced (however, it's quite a pain). Yikes!

Ashley said...

haha well wasn't that a nice account of what happened to your car yesterday :) The way you think just makes me laugh :)

Chelle! said...

I wanted you to keep writing. Did they fall in love so much that they were married in some beautiful junk yard? Don't keep us hanging...

I am so glad that your children were not hurt in the accident. I am sad that there is one less neon roaming the streets.

Anonymous said...

Okay. My first thought was ohmygracious wherewerethekids?? and then once you answered that question all I could think about was what a big ole goofball you are. You're so funny. We love Cars around here.

Michelle said...

Holy Mokers! --What a great way of looking at it. I too am very glad no children were out playing.

Rebecca said...

Do you remember when a similar thing happend to the neighbors a block east of you, behind my old house?

I love your after-the-fact perspective, but SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE! PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONES!!!

Emily said...

Having been in one too many accidents, your outlook on this is probably saving the teenage girl from years of trauma. She has been humbled, learned her lesson - but ultimately...the cars are just two big chunks of metal. Thanks for this reminder. Also...LOVE the title of the blog. I wlll now have that Shrek song on my mind for the rest of the day!

Gerb said...

Anaise- I'm glad. My kids all just think I'm insane. :)

Sarise- Was your Neon purple as in 'Iris' or purple as in 'Purple'? And what a crazy consequence!

BTM- Yes, it is a bit of a pain to do all of the car shopping, etc. Especially since our old beater was only worth about $27.50. But it will all work out.

Ashley - But don't you agree? Don't you think it's so :) cute and precious :) how W's car was all sorry and trying to make our car feel better? Didn't it make you feel warm and squishy inside?

Chelle- The story continues. As the vehicle responsible for the accident was towed away, the Neon let out a slow, mournful honk and I could swear the left headlight sagged a bit. And I think that, on the inside, it cried an oily tear that their love was not meant to be. (sniff)

L- Thanks for the concern. I have always found it better to be goofy than angry. :)

Michelle- Holy mokers? I'm going to have to start using that one.

Bec- I totally remember that. Wasn't it someone coming home from a ball game? And the best part of it all was this... there was no denying that she was on her phone, because the airbag caused an imprint of her phone to show up on her face for the rest of the day. No joke.

Emily- I hope you're right. And thanks... when the title came to mind I was pretty proud of myself!