Tuesday, July 28, 2009


picture by my talented daughter ElemenoB

Is it weird to you that I have a sixteen-year-old? Because it's weird to me. Around here, sixteen is a magical age. Not only is it the official age to obtain a driver's license (which is not happening anytime soon), in our home it is the age our children are allowed to start dating.

We took Coolister out for the customary Birthday Dinner With Mom And Dad and there attempted to establish the ground rules for dating. I think we did pretty well, but this is uncharted territory, you know? Coolister was agreeable and took everything well.

I know he'll make good choices. I fully trust his judgment when it comes to girls. But... it will be difficult (impossible?) for any girl to ever be good enough for him in my eyes.

To make this easier on me, as well as potential dates, I came up with the following short list of questions to ask each young woman who would like to spend any amount of time with my son:

1. What do you like to do for fun?
2. What kind of classes are you taking at school?
3. What is your current GPA? If below a 3.0, please explain.
4. Are you planning on going to college after graduation?
5. What are your favorite 3 books and why? (Certain answers will disqualify you, so please think this one through before answering.)
6. Do you have a FaceBook account? If so, would you be willing to 'friend' me?
7. Do you get along with your parents?
8. Do you have any body piercings or tattoos?
9. Tell me about what DRESSING MODESTLY means to you.
10. Have you earned or are you currently working on your Young Womanhood Recognition award?
11. How did you and Coolister meet... and what are your current intentions?
12. What do you think about kissing before marriage?

If the teenage female in question answers these to my liking she will pass round one and be allowed a first date.

What do you think? Am I being too lenient?

Should I ask more questions?


Katie said...

Gerb you make me laugh. I can't imagine what kind of questions your hubby will pose! Never thought it would be you doing the interrogating.....

Teachinfourth said...

Nah, I think you have enough there to scare off the creepy girls...

Gina said...

Too good. However, if she has a FB account, you should follow up with the MySpace account too. I may have to borrow this list.

And...it is TOTALLY weird that you have a 16 year old.

Infertility Goddess said...

Yes you should ask more questions. Just one more - Do you have an ecclesiastical endorsement?

After all this is coolister and the ladies are going to be after him because, well he's got it all. ;)

BTW -good luck!

Matt, Erin, Kaden, & Sophia said...

That's awesome! I'm going to copy this so that when my Kaden is 16 I'll have an easy check list to refer to! I think you have it all covered, good luck and happy dating coolister!

Broughton said...

That's so funny!! Good luck to him in the dating scene! P.S I have a sister that he could date when she is in town, very cute!


Rebecca said...

What kind of answer are you wanting for question #12? When I was engaged, my (home ward) bishop interviewed me (sort of)and told me about his first kiss, right after he asked his wife (then girlfriend) to marry him. I thought that was wacky. So, there's my answer.

Stephenie said...

you ought to ask her to bear her testimony. Too bad our children are cousins. I want my kids to date kids like your.

I still remember little Allen when I wasn't Black yet. He was riding on Evan's shoulders pointing to the moon. He couldn't hardly say "moon". He sure has changed.

I kissed boys. Don't want my kids to before marriage.

Anaise said...


Scott says he's going to buy a gun--no ammo--just the gun, and sit on the front porch cleaning it when our girls are getting picked up for their dates . . . someday . . . far in the future . . . (gulp) . . . Oh help! If you're this nervous about your BOY--how on earth will I survive all my GIRLS?

Chelle! said...

Hey, I noticed A LOT of girls checking him out at youth conference. I am sure that all of them are now excited that he is at the dating age!

Chip said...

Ahhhhh Gerb.... has it been that long? You know how these things go. There is nothing sweeter than puppy love. Fleeting, yet invaluable are the lessons a boy can learn from a broken heart... even if it comes from his own mother.

Cami said...

This is why I love you, Gerb!

Anonymous said...


I just love you. Now I KNOW your Princess would be awesome for my son.

Er...what sorts of questions will you ask the boys??

Steph said...

This is just an awesome list of questions, though I think it will scare off most girls. :) How would you have responded if the mother of the boy of dreams interrogated you? :) I also know I will be the EXACT same way with my own boys, particularly the first born. Poor Gerrit.

Jennifer said...

Dating isn't so bad. Kelly has been 16 since April. Last night her sweetie came over for dinner and I "accidentally" dropped her black bra with hot pink polka dots on it from a pile of clean clothes I was taking out of the dryer at his feet. Gotta love the embarassment factor! <3