Thursday, July 23, 2009

Car Lots Are Exhausting

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Shopping for a new (used) car is exhausting.

(Get it? Exhausting? Sorry. The heat is getting to me... it makes my brain go goofy.)

The summer sun reflects off of the asphalt (which looks like midnight but feels like purgatory), beats relentlessly down on my face and back, and I begin to melt.

The names of various makes and models and acronyms (like SE, LE and GX... what?) get all jumbled up in my female brain. Can't we just call them what they are? The white car with 4 doors. The silver car with a stick shift. The gold car with the sweaty leather seats.

The multiple numbers representing mileage and price and things I don't understand (like engine size) float in a sea of chaos and confusion in my head. Can't they just sell quality vehicles for what they're really worth so we don't have to worry about purchasing an overpriced lemon?

(However, I will gladly purchase an overpriced lemonade. Two, please.)

I miss our little peely-paint Neon who served us so well for almost 15 years.

You cursed car lots! Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melllllllting! Oh, what a world! What a world!


Rebecca said...

You could try the church fleet. They aren't always missionary cars. But they are always priced fairly. Call me for the number, if you want.

Gerb said...

Bec- Our bishop told us about that... but those are mostly out of our price range. I think we may have found 'the one', but only a good night's sleep and a new perspective in the morning will tell...

Sister Pottymouth said...

Cars are colors, don'tcha know?

Anaise said...

Been there; done that--just a couple of months ago (right down to missing the little car with all its familiar idiosyncrasies and foibles that served us so well for over a decade). I'm with you--pun and all--it IS exhausting.

Cara said...

My husband(who is also an auto tech) and I have dealers licenses and are able to go to the auction. So basically I can get you a car for very cheap, less then or as much as the dealer paid! Let me know Cara

Gerb said...

Sis P. - Amen!

Anaise - Did you find what you were hoping to? I think we finally did!

Cara- I wish I had read that sooner! We think we found a winner on Saturday. It's getting checked out at the shop right now and if everything's good, it's our new vehicle. But thanks so much for the offer! That was very kind and generous of you.