Monday, July 20, 2009

Genius Genes

Last year Coolister wanted to take an AP class at school. His counselor advised him against it. The counselor thought that it was a very difficult class for a sophomore and he should wait.

Did I know anything about AP classes? No. I didn't even know what AP stood for when I was in high school. Most of my classes began with the words "Introduction To". But, no matter. I told the counselor that I know my kid and my kid can take on a challenge like nobody's business. He let him register.

And you know what? Coolister proved me right (and made me proud). At the end of the school year, AP students take a test which covers the subject area of their class. A month or so later they get their test results in the mail. If they pass, they are able to receive college credit.

May I present further proof that Coolister has his dad's penchant for smartness:

If you were like me in high school, you may think AP stands for "Academically Privileged" and have no idea what a score of 5 means. Let me enlighten you (from The College Board website):

AP Exam grades are reported on a 5-point scale as follows:

5 Extremely well qualified
4 Well qualified
3 Qualified
2 Possibly qualified
No recommendation

That's right. Coolister is not only qualified for college credit in biology, he is extremely well qualified.

Pardon my mommy-blogger moment as I shout: THAT'S MY BOY!!


Anaise said...

Way to go! I took about a bajillion AP classes, so I do know what that 5 stands for . . . and HOORAY! Opening that score and seeing that number . . . ooooh, I'm reliving it myself . . . such a reward for a whole lot of hard work!!!!


laura said...

Go Coolister!!!

Infertility Goddess said...

I think Mommy bragging should be done to the guidance counselor! ;)

Way to go Cooolister!

Jen W.

Cami said...


Brown Thumb Mama said...

Holy moly, that's awesome! I bombed my only AP class when the final essay was on "Railroads in the 1830s". ZZZZZzzzzz.

Great job, Coolister! And you, Gerb, are much smarter than you give yourself credit for.

Amy said...

Gerb, seriously, that is a 5! In Biology!!! As a sophmore???!!! Think how many more AP classes Coolister can take before he graduates from high school and how much you'll save in COLLEGE TUITION!!! That is so amazing!

Teachinfourth said...

I think he learned something about biology in 6th grade...I wonder if that had anything to do with this academic prowess?


Seriously, congrats on raising one of many brainiacs (this term is used in a good way); I'm excited to get number 4 this year.

Rock on, Cooliser.

Rock on, Gerb.

annette said...

Holy cannoli! I'm so proud- and he's not even mine!

Anonymous said...

YAY, COOLISTER! That is truly impressive, especially for one so young.

The Black's said...

That is so AWESOME!