Monday, May 4, 2009

Time Out

You know what I love?

Okay, in addition to my husband and kids.

I'm not talking about Clementine Izzes.

Besides donuts.

Apart from storm clouds and pouring rain.

Not counting my rollerskates.

Hint: the photo gives it away.

Yes, books.

I love to read. Books take me on magical journeys to places, times and situations I could only begin to dream of or comprehend. Books take me into the minds and perspectives of others. They introduce me to characters who quickly become my friends... or enemies. The pages of a book are often a welcomed furlough from life.

As they said in the movie Top Gun, I feel the need. The need... to read. (Is that right? I always mess up those movie quotes.)

Would you please excuse me for a time while I take a little blog vacation?

I have a few people I am anxious to meet as well as some old friends I'm planning to visit.

See you soon.


Amanda said...

I love my book friends! They are always ready for a visit and keep me entertained for hours at a time. I miss them when I leave.

Amber said...

Hooray for book friends! I'm so excited to read now that school is out!

Cami said...

Enjoy! Let me know if you find any "must reads."

Anonymous said...

Right there with you, Gerb! My daughter is showing signs of the same obsession and I love it.

Mom of Three said...

I recently re-connected with my desire to read as well!! Have a great time, you will be missed!!

pam said...

Enjoy your vacation! Don't be gone too long, I love reading your updates. =)