Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

To Cowgirl's Kindergarten Teacher:

I just had to say thank you.

Thank you so much for instilling the hand-washing OCD in my little girl.

Your lesson on germs had such an effect on her that even now, two years after the fact, she obsessively washes her hands after touching almost anything.

Swing sets. Television sets. Tea sets.

Doorknobs. Bedknobs. Broomsticks.

Before meals. After meals. Sometimes even during meals.

If cleanliness is indeed next to godliness then Cowgirl is headed straight for heaven.

Perhaps you think I am exaggerating some. Allow me to prove my case...

Cowgirl recently received a crisp, new dollar bill from the Tooth fairy. What do you suppose she wanted to spend her newly acquired cash on?

Stickers? A new puzzle, perhaps? Some candy?  Oh, no. She wanted to buy hand sanitizer.

She could not hide her excitement when she asked me if hand sanitizer was available at the Dollar Store. I told her we could check and her face lit up like it was Christmas morning.

When the day came for our Dollar Store excursion Cowgirl was beside herself. As she practiced piano the song she was playing became the melody for her own special lyrics:

Hand sanitizer, my hand sanitizer, Today is the day! I will buy you today!
Hand sanitizer, my hand sanitizer, I get to go buy you today!

She was singing about hand sanitizer. I am not making this up.

Imagine her excitement when she realized she could purchase a package of two small containers of hand sanitizer. It was frightening.
So, Cowgirl's Kindergarten Teacher, I really just needed to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for completely freaking her out when it comes to germs. Thank you for fostering a love (cough... obsession) for hand washing.  She couldn't be happier.

Cowgirl's Mom


Teachinfourth said...

I certainly hope that she doesn't become like someone else we all know and love...

Happy Hubby, JJ, Bugs, Nenie and Sadie Jo said...

Verminophobia? Maybe she will be a microbiologist when she grows up.


She can teach the next pandemic preparedness class in your ward.

Rebecca said...

Can I adopt her? Or can she at least hang out with my kids and rub off on them just a little bit? And also, if you have a kid who is an obsessive toilet flusher, I could use one of those examples as well.

Michelle said...

So funny!

I have an OCD when it comes to hand washing too.

If only everyone would wash as us OCD hand washers...just think of the germs we could dispel.

Anaise said...

That is so funny and cute and slightly odd--but more funny and cute! I like her song, I like her delight in being clean, I like her face in the picture . . . but I don't know that she would like playing at MY house!

Gerb said...

T5th- Oh, how I love that movie. If she turns out as hilarious as Bob, I may be okay with it...

Jen- Both great options. Thanks for the new word!

Bec- Little O is our obsessive toilet flusher, although he is far from using the toilet himself. Would you like me to bring him over?

Michelle- Cowgirl was so happy to hear that you share her OCD. If she turns out like you I will be very pleased! You give me hope...

Anaise- She would LOVE playing at your house. Of that I am certain!