Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mr. Fix-It

The other morning Hubba yelled to me through the crack beneath my bedroom door, "I am going to fix the gate!"

"Mmmmhmm..." I mumbled, not really listening, hoping for a few more minutes of slumber.

When I finally rolled out of bed and walked into the dining room, there he was.

"I fix-ted the gate, Mom!" he proudly proclaimed. And sure enough, he had.

Baby O mastered the stair descent a month or so ago. Because of this Allen had removed the latch from the gate so Baby O would be free to join his siblings down in the dungeon whenever he so desired. Apparently Hubba did not like this idea.

He found the latch in the kitchen junk drawer, searched out the 2 screws that held it in place, grabbed a screwdriver and put himself to work.

Not too shabby for a four-year-old!

I'm going to let him play in the garage today and see if his know-how is enough to build me some bookshelves with the tools and materials available in there.

(fingers crossed!)


Rebecca said...

Definitely his father's son!

Gina said...


Kimm said...

Fantastic! Good luck with those shelves!

Allen said...

I thought you'd completely given-up hope of those shelves being built. Go Hubba!

Anaise said...

That's one clever little man! I'm waaaay impressed.

annette said...

Keep your eye on that one- what can be assembled can also be taken apart!