Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simple Perfection

Early morning sunbeams
Find my face, warm my skin
A gentle reminder
It's time to begin

Around the house I wander
All things rest in their place
I pause at each doorway
And savor each face

One by one they wake
I greet them with a smile
Or, "Good morning, Sunshine!"
(I'm so versatile!)

We sit 'round the table
Share stories and laughter
Indulge in some pastries
And speak of dreams after

This day then provides
Substantial time for me
To spend with each child
Such grand company!

We have time for writing
For singing and baking
Enjoying the sunshine
And memory-making

There's time for the garden
Even time for a walk
My dear spouse and I find
Some time just to talk

I am not judgmental
There is no time for fault
All negative thinking
Has come to a halt

At day's end the sunset
Is completely divine
Its breathtaking beauty
Is etched in my mind

The children then relish
The stories that are read
And drift off to dreamland
When tucked into bed

I soak in a warm bath
Write words that inspire
Eat something indulgent
And then I retire

Now, candy and flowers
And gifts are all grand, but
My preference is elsewhere
This is where I stand

These earnest words I've penned
Reveal the things I'd say
If asked how I would choose
To spend Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms who are reading this.

May your day be filled with all of the simple pleasures that bring you happiness!


Anonymous said...

wow Happy Mothers day to YOU..You hav NINE KIDS..WOW!!! That is simply amazing to me. I couldn't have children due to endometriosis problems. Your family is a miracle to me...=)
I don't know how you do it. I have 7 dogs and one cat, a husband and a house and I cannot keep up..LOL.

God Bless you ALL,

Ancilee Kaye

rorymckm said...

beautiful, gerberta, happy mother's day to you too!

pam said...

Happy Mothers Day to you x 9!! Hope it's everything you want, all day long.

Anaise said...

I think my day actually is beginning just the way you described it.

What a lovely poem--may your day, your reality, be just as lovely.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

(And that picture is a treasure beyond words.)

Rebecca said...

Sounds perfect to me too, Gerb. I thought I wanted to sleep in late for Mother's Day, but waking up to sunshine and all quiet was a surprise treat for me! Can't wait to see what else the day holds.

cari said...

What a gift you have! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful Mom I know.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. If your day was actually this perfect, I think I'm feeling a little green. J/k--I had a lovely day, and hope yours was as idyllic as your imaginings.

Michelle said...

...Lovely...including the picture of you and Curly.

Happy Mother's Day.

laura said...

Beautiful poem. I had chills reading it.

Gerb said...

Ancilee- Thanks for stopping by - and for your kind words. I can guarantee you that I could NOT manage 7 dogs. I guess we all have different abilities, eh?

Rory- Thanks!

Pam- Thanks. It was.

Anaise- I love that picture, too. Our friend took it when he did our family pictures.

Bec- Who does the girls' hair on Mother's Day? I had to ask.

Cari- You are too kind. I am actually very critical of my own poetry and am always nervous about posting it. I'm glad you liked it - and hope your Mother's Day was grand.

Anon- Thank you.

hintonrae- It actually surpassed my expectations!

Michelle- Thanks.

Laura- I appreciate that. Thank you!