Friday, August 29, 2008

More NieNie Auctions!

The bidding is not over yet! Don't forget to bid on the gorgeous pieced-quilt I have up for auction (see post below). Click on the pictures to see the close-up details! It's totally worth the money - plus, how can you go wrong when it's all to help someone out?

Here are a couple of other AWESOME auctions I have seen that are not getting many bids:

A set of handmade cards and some beautiful jewelry

Orem Owlz tickets! (for those in Utah County/SLC area)

DesignMom said something we should all keep in mind:

I'm hoping people are in a public radio mindset. Like when you hear the NPR commentators say: "pledge your membership of only $75.00 and we'll send you this canvas tote bag with our logo on it." You know the tote bag is worth maybe $5. But it's not about that. You're looking for a way to be generous and supportive. And the tote bag is just a bonus.

Bid, bid, bid! Let's get spendy!!


b. said...

You closed comments for the quilt post (and I understand why), but I wanted you to know HOW ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE that quilt is!!

Nice job!

Congrats, Lucky!

Gerb said...

Thanks, b! I wish I could take credit for the beauty of the quilt, but that goes to someone else who was generous enough to donate it for the auction.

LOVE your blog, by the way.