Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was out in our garage tonight and kept noticing dragonflies all over the place. In fact, I couldn't help but notice them since they kept landing on my arm (which, in all honesty, was seriously creeping me out).

Whenever I see one of these oversized insects I am reminded that my kids believe dragonflies have a lifespan of only 24 hours. So I started thinking, why in the world were they bugging me (get it? Bugging me? Ha!) when they only had 24 hours to be alive? I mean, couldn't they think of anything better to do?

And then I started thinking on another level. If I only had 24 hours to live, what would I do? My initial thoughts were of the places I have always wanted to visit: Australia and New York. And of foods I love: donuts, pumpkin, chocolate... then I started delving deeper. If I could do anything - I mean, the sky's the limit, what would I do? After I indulged myself with a few multi-million dollar ideas, I realized this:

Money really couldn't buy my happiness. It all comes down to relationships.

I would want to spend the entire day with my family - and the friends who are like family. What we do would not really matter, as long as we were together and happy.

(And no dragonflies were landing on my arms.)


Threeundertwo said...

Are you sure they only live 24 hours? I might have to go look that up.

What would I do? Try to talk to everyone I've ever known one last time. Re-connect.

Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure I'd be eating some good food while I was spending the day with those I love. :) But one thing I would not be doing--sleeping. That's one addiction I wish I could wipe out of my life.

Julie said...

Maybe you were really conducting a science experiment on the sly and the dragonflies were just cooperating....

Gina said...

As always, you are so introspective. Twenty-four hours, huh? Hmmm...

Farscaper said...

Ok... research geek here:

From Wikipedia: The larval stage of large dragonflies may last as long as five years. In smaller species, this stage may last between two months and three years. When the larva is ready to metamorphose into an adult, it climbs up a reed or other emergent plant at night. Exposure to air causes the larvae to begin breathing. The skin splits at a weak spot behind the head and the adult dragonfly crawls out of its old larval skin, waits for the sun to rise, pumps up its wings, and flies off to feed on midges and flies. The adult stage of larger species of dragonfly can last as long as four months.

I know you were taking a teaching moment... but I got tooo curious and had to go look.

What would I do if I only had 24 hours to live? Take my kids to Disneyland. I LOVE to see them laugh and have fun.

Gerb said...

I looked it up before I did the post and they actually live longer than that. But explaining that took away from what I was trying to say, so I left it out. I know what you mean about talking to everyone. I love re-connecting.

Oh, yes - good food is always a nice bonus. I get that when I go visit you, and it is always appreciated!

Oh, that was good. I have a couple of those in my family, too.

You are always so complimentary. Thank you.

After our last trip to D-land, we told the kids it would be a good, long time before we go back. Just too hard to keep track of everyone, you know? And here's what I want to know: what the heck is going on at your old house this week?

Farscaper said...

A small film crew is filming a short in there. They wanted an "abondoned" house.. so they got one. This is a friend of the Guzzles. When they're done we will be doing something with the house. We couldn't touch it until they were done. They liked how "Ghetto" it looked. (whatever)

Shellie said...

Amen, and I would do NO LAUNDRY!!!!