Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Creative Genius

Yesterday was "Crazy Socks Day" at Thumbelina's middle school, and she had no socks crazy enough to meet her needs. I told her she could wear 2 different socks. Crazy!! "That's not crazy, it's just weird" she replied. (Apparently, ElemenoB is 'just weird'.)

"I don't know what you want, then, and I am not buying you socks you will only wear for a day" said I.

"I don't want you to buy me socks. I am going to sew strips of fabric together and make myself some socks." And that is exactly what she did.
Actually, she only had time to make one sock. So she cut up 3 of her holey socks (think legwarmer cuffs) and layered them to create the second sock.
I love how creative this girl can get. I mean, what 7th grader thinks about making their own pair of socks?

Apparently, mine.



Rebecca said...

Wait, those are "Crazy" socks? I would totally wear them on a normal day! ;)

Gerb said...

Well, you'll be easy to give to on your birthday next year!

annette said...

I LOVE her creativity! She's a girl after my own heart <3 (that's a heart if you can't tell)

ablackman said...

Has there ever been any question about Thumblina's creative genius?