Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's For NieNie

My friend Courtney's sister, Stephanie and brother-in-law, Christian were in a private plane crash in Arizona. They survived but are suffering serious burns and are in for months of recovery, which will be very expensive. So, many people who have come to know and love this family have decided to come together for "NieNie Day" (thanks to Design Mom) to raise funds and share memories of their friend.

Tomorrow is the big day and I will be auctioning off this beautiful twin-sized quilt which was generously donated by Aunt Eva and Uncle Barry. (THANK YOU!!)

If you want to bid, come back tomorrow! The auction will last until Saturday (August 30th) at midnight, MST.

If you don't want to bid, but still want to donate to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson recovery fund, please do so by clicking below:

Thanks! I hope to have you back tomorrow!

1 comment:

Shellie said...

That quilt was gorgeous, too bad I missed the bidding! I sure hope their recovery is the best possible.