Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Case of the Mysterious Black Button

Yesterday All-a-Boy left his math book at school. And he had to have his math book, because if he didn't do his homework he wouldn't get any "Brooks Bucks" from his teacher, and we couldn't have that now, could we?

So we went back to the school to collect his math book. And as we were leaving he said, "Mom, I am curious about an interesting little button in the vicinity of the plaque in the school's front entrance." (He really talks like that - I'm not making this up!) So I said, "Show me." And he did. And as much as the rascal in me wanted to push the button to see what it did, I suggested he ask about it in the front office. So he did.

"What button?" the secretary asked. "There is no black button in the front entrance."

"Yes, it is in the vicinity of the plaque," All-a-Boy answered. We all walked out to investigate.

"So it is." Mrs. Secretary said. "I have worked here for 11 years and I never knew there was a black button there." She asked the other secretary, who had also never seen it, then told All-a-Boy "I will ask someone what it is for and report back to you tomorrow afternoon."

"By the way," All-a-Boy added, "there is one of those black buttons at every doorway in the school."

I wondered how many things I have right in front of me everyday that I don't notice - or take for granted. As I looked a little closer at things today I realized there are more than I care to admit.

All-a-Boy found out today that the mysterious black buttons were an old intercom system built into the school that were never used, so they are now disabled.

I found out that I have a very observant kid - but what's new?

Thanks for changing the world, All-a-Boy - one adult at a time.


Mom not Mum said...

You know it will pay off at the strangest times to be that observant and inquisitive. My hubs is always asking about stuff like "what's down the hallway that's roped off?" That's how we got a private tour of President Kimball's office at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building(I'm pretty sure that's where we were and I'm thinking that's the right prophet but I'm losing my mind a bit lately).

Teachinfourth said...

I always enjoy All-A-Boy at school. Since my class has been sitting together at certain tables in the lunchroom he noticed the sign.

"Hmmmm. It says fourth grade right up there, Mr. Z." (rocks back and forth for just a second). "I think I'll sit right here today" (plops down next to me). "Tell me, Mr. Z...where in the world did you get that fabulous hair at?"

Me: "D.I. Some lady put it out on the shelf and I grabbed it up before any of the other crowds of mobbing customers."

AAB: "Hmmmmmm...I got mine at the dollar store. They only have a few left."

Me: "I might just have to pick one up myself."

AAB: "By the way, Mr. Z...you're looking quite gorgeous today."

That kid notices all of the important things.

Teachinfourth said...

By the way, I must say that I'm surprised that you didn't push the button before asking.

Sorry about the long comment. I'll try to save novels for blog entries in the future.

Farscaper said...

AAB is soooo much fun at scouts. I'm always interested to see what he does or says at the next pack meeting.

He was sooo sweet and informative at the pine wood derby. Showing off his "car" and describing all the tiny details.

Where did he get his vocabularly? He is an amazing kid. I'm more than a little curious about what he's going to be when he grows up. The next Einstein perhaps? I can say "I knew him when".

cari said...

"In the vicinity..." so funny! You better watch it. He must notice everything!

annette said...

Kids are there to point out the obvious, ie. those things we would have noticed had we not had a million and one things already on our minds at the time!

I adore aab! He can talk my ear off- but it is always interesting!

Rebecca said...

I'm always so busy examining the thoughts in my head, that I ignore all kinds of details around me. Your boy's the kind of person who could give an accurate, detailed description of a crime suspect, whereas the sketch from my description would probably be a stick figure. (Although, I hope he never really has to employ his skills of observation in that way. I hope I don't, either!)

Gerb said...

I'll have to try to use that to my advantage, then. Instead of saying, "Shhh..." I'll just let him jabber away and see where it gets us. ;0)

Oh, that makes me smile. I think he has more adult friends than kid friends because the adult conversations are always so much more interesting.

And BTW, I did push the button as we left the school that first day, when he wasn't looking. Nothing happened.

P.S. Long comments are awesome, so write your novels here all you like.

He's a reader, that's the secret. I have had many people say they'll vote for him when he's president... I'd vote for him now over the available options, to be honest!

He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure!

He's doing his job well, then!

He'd be friends with the entire police force by the time he was done. But I am hoping he (and you) never have to be in that position! I have a funny story Allen told me about a sketch of a suspect - remind me to tell you sometime.