Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Thoughts

One of the million reasons we love our dentist: He loves kids!

We have the best dentist in the world.  Even though Little O recently almost bit his finger off while having a cavity filled (I wish I was kidding) Dr. C still loves us and wants us to come back.  He is seriously the kindest, most friendly and caring dentist we have ever had.  Plus he does good work!  He says something on his website about his patients being his friends and he really means it.  We will go to him for as long as he's in business.    

The last time I went to the dentist we were there for 3 hours so I brought a bunch of cards and markers to compose and decorate some happy thoughts to send off in the mail.  Uninterrupted writing time = best three hours of that week!

Writing letters and decorating envelopes can be even more addicting than computer time.  I'm not sure which is more time consuming or if either are in my best interest but I love them both.  Letter writing is actually just like computer interactions, only it takes more time.  But both help me feel connected to friends and family and both provide some means of adult conversation that does not include needing to know the words to the new Scooby Doo theme song.

I'm pretty sure my kids speak to each other in movie quotes more than in actual conversation.  I can remember the basic plot of most movies but I can barely keep track of the character's names let alone what exactly they said, so I am not a very skilled participant in these quote conversations.  Sometimes I'll throw in a song quote (because that's my love language) but they either ignore me or ask "what movie is that from?" and then give each other the bless her heart look when I tell them it's from a song.

I am constantly trying to better understand the connection I have with music.  Does everyone have a more real and raw sense of their being and emotions and mind through music?  I watch someone play the piano or guitar really well and it almost hurts that I don't have that ability.  Some songs lure the dancer that I know exists inside of me but she's a lot more graceful in my mind and my gawky limbs and lack of coordination just don't cooperate.  Music awakens me, creates or emphasizes my moods, sharpens my senses, makes me feel whole.

And words just can't really describe what I'm trying to explain because that last thought sounded way too cheesy when I re-read it just now.  The feeling is real and not cheesy at all.  Although I do love cheese.  Especially Tillamook's medium cheddar. 

I was driving to a meeting one Saturday morning when a song came on the radio that reminded me of my missionary son in Texas.  It's a song he would sing all the time, one he even pulled up on his iPod and played for me once when he came home to visit from college saying, "Mom!  You have to love this song!"  It made me cry to hear that song on the radio, thinking of my happy missionary boy smiling his way into the hearts of the people he's meeting and teaching.  I miss that kid a million times over but I love hearing of the awesome experiences he's having.

The only way to get your kids to believe that beef or chicken bouillon cubes are NOT candy that you're hiding up in the cupboard is to just let them have one.  You'll only have to do it once.

My oldest daughter has been bringing home poetry that she is supposed to navigate through and write up all of the meaning behind the words.  She asked me what one of the poems meant and I read it and thought, it means the author is on some crazy drugs! but I told her that she should google it because someone on the internet would give her a better answer than I could.

This reminded me of when I had to do the same thing in high school.  I remember how much I loved English and how it pained me to have to somehow magically understand the minds of the people who wrote these crazy poems and know what the symbolism of everything was.  I showed ElemenoB the poems that I wrote back then, the ones that were purposely meaningless.  I wrote these so that someday, when my poetry was famous (I had no doubt!) I would have a few crazy poems that meant nothing at all.  Take that, English teachers!

I wonder if that's what the other famous poets did, too.

I always hated how teachers ruined great books by testing us on the symbolism in them.  Remember Lord of the Flies?  I LOVED that book but pretended to think it was awful because everyone else hated it.  And then Mrs. Whoever started asking what did this mean and what did this represent and I was like, huh?  A bunch of kids are stuck on an island and trying to survive.  What the heck are you talking about?  I haven't read it again since the 10th grade.  Maybe I should now that there's no one there to ruin it for me.

I took a group of boy scouts to a city council meeting recently to pass off a requirement for a merit badge.  A non-profit group was requesting that their funding be increased to either 7.5% or 10%.  The guy that is supposed to represent the people in my area of the city said, "I think we should give them 15%!" and I just sat there, wondering how it would work if banks operated that way.  "I'd like a loan for $10,000, please." "Can we give you $15,000 instead?"  Thank goodness Mr. Overly Generous With Taxpayer Money was out-voted.  I don't get that way of thinking.

You know the saying 'You are what you eat?' Well I just ate every single Foxy Lady and Too Cool conversation heart I could find and I'm still in my pajamas with a frizz-do.

I know I need to take better care of myself.  I know I need to exercise more (meaning: I need to actually exercise) and eat something healthier than dark chocolate with almonds.  Why do I find myself making excuses for not doing these things when I know they are in my best interest?  Even worse, why do other people make excuses for me (such as: If I looked like you I wouldn't exercise either)?  Anybody need a walking buddy?  Because I still can't run longer than about 10 minutes straight.

This getting older business stinks sometimes.

If science projects are supposed to be done entirely by elementary aged students with only minimal parent support, how in the world would they ever get done?  I just finished parentally supporting my 5th sixth grade science project.  Five down, five to go.  I deserve some chocolate!

Speaking of science projects, does anyone want to know which brand of diapers is the most absorbent?  Pampers and Luvs.  But Huggies absorb water faster, so they're still my favorite.  And none of my kids pee 6 1/4 cups at a time anyway so I don't care if the other brands absorb more.  I like the brand that absorbs better.  But the project wasn't about my opinion.  Huggies for the win!


Rachel said...

Smiling. Smiling because I could put my name at the end of this post. All but the, "Lord of the Flies" part. I hated that book! Hated hated hated it! Maybe it was because of the symbolism stuff.... I just remember hating it.

The music, not cheesy at all! Well, unless you consider me cheesy and if you do, please consider me to be more of a cheddar than a mozzarella. I don't do pale.

The dancing, my heart actually hurting when I hear something beautiful, I'm a really good dancer by the way.... in my mind... I'm amazing!!!

The movie quoting thing. I do try! And then The Natives look at me like I'm an idiot and whatEVER! What I said was totally funny! Wrong movie mom! Or, That isn't how she said it at all!

When I tried quoting Golum (sp?) The Natives told me to stop. I was ruining it! How does one ruin Golum??

Science fair projects. LAME! It's like the flippin' Pinewood Derby!!! Yeah riiiiight. Your son made that car all by himself......

Personally, I like Pampers. I was never stellar at changing my kids diapers as often as I should and Huggies seemed to feel damp after the first piddle which would force me to change their diaper sooner than I'd planned to and, like you, I had more important things to do like eat dark chocolate with almonds....... Plus, is it bad to admit that even though they aren't echo friendly I love the sound of the plastic Pampers as they crinkle while my babies crawl and walk around?

Gerb said...

Rachel, your comment made me smile almost as much as your new puppy videos on your blog. Also - THE FLIPPIN' PINEWOOD DERBY IS THE GREATEST FARCE OF ALL TIME.

Rachel said...

Don't get me started sista on 'the derby' which is coming up next month by the way.. just in case you don't have a child like Levi reminding you every two seconds that you need to make a car!!!!

Shawna said...

I, too, was into "Lord of the Flies" until all of the symbolism came into play. I remember being torn between loving my English Lit classes and hating them, because I discovered so many wonderful new books, but then I had to rip them to pieces and dissect the twitching remains. I would tell myself that no author actually sat there and made up some elaborate chart of WHAT-IT-ALL-MEANT... seriously, I doubt Harper Lee really meant for Boo Radley to be an analogy of Christ and all that malarkey.

As for poetry... I adore it, but I still think that Walt Whitman was seriously high on something when he went on about sounding his barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world... something that my Lit teacher did not approve of because, in his eye, Whitman was God.

It is one thing to quietly make connections based on your own experiences should you choose to in moments of reflection, but another thing entirely to take a beautiful work and strip it down to bare parts.

There is magic in the written word, and sometimes it just needs to be appreciated as a whole and not as the sum of its parts as interpreted by some scholar. You wouldn't rip a classic car apart just to see if any piece looked like, say, a water wheel... no, you appreciate the vintage car for what it is and take that baby for a spin!

I also dance to the music with a grace that defies my weight and lack of coordination.... in my mind I twirl and leap and even turn perfect cartwheels whenever I feel like it. Its a shame that such performances are only for my own amusement, rather than to bring culture to the masses!

No, you are not cheesy in the least... and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the written word. There is something so satisfying in hearing and feeling the scratch of pen against paper. To see your personality spill forth in the loops and whorls of your own penmanship. So much more enriching than the generic typings online... no matter how cute the font, it still is not as rewarding as scribbling it out for yourself.

Embrace what makes you happy and different... goodness knows its the differences that make life all the more fun.

A Lark said...

Too many things to comment on.... but I LOVE your random thoughts! I'll just make one connection with you - I've never "gotten" poetry either...

Linn said...

This post brings me joy.

Best science project ever? Get three identical flashlights. Put a different brand of battery in each flashlight. Turn them on and wait until they die on their own. (If it happens in the middle of the night, estimate, although didn't happen to me.) Then make a fabulous poster about which brand lasts the longest. Easy, peasy. Got me an A in college. (And yes, I went to a well-known college, but it was in one of my elementary education courses.)

The best part of Massachusetts so far? No science projects? Rock on. Although, now that we are moving to Utah (public announcement coming in a few weeks), I guess I'd better get some flashlights and batteries bought.

Oh, and I like Pampers. Yes, they hold more, but I don't buy them for that reason. I buy them because the material in Huggies bothers me. I don't have a reason for it, it just does.

And teachers over analyzing every poem and book--it about does me in. Sometimes it is just okay to read a book or poem and decide whether you personally like it or not. There were times I wish I had said to my English teacher in high school, "I don't think this poet actually meant anything life changing or deep by this poem. I think he just wrote a poem about a man and a boat and a fish because he felt like it. Or maybe he had fish for dinner and saw a boat out his window the week before. Either way."

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Since we're both getting older we could go to the senior ladies aquafit together (if I lived in your neck of the woods)!

My kids are huge movie quoters - how do they remember it all?

Reginald Cooper said...

I'm glad to hear that you've found yourselves a really good dentist that you can trust! He sounds like he's a lot of fun and makes coping with the procedures easier. I'm interested in hearing about the story of Little O nearly biting his finger off! I'd also love to know why you were at the dentist's office for 3 hours the last time! Was it a major procedure?