Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Everyone Needs A Slurpee

I was clearing out a tidal wave of papers from Hubba's backpack this morning and found this, the top 5 things he would do if he were president.

In case you can't read his writing, here's his list:

1. I would let people have freedom.
2. I would order a slurpee.
3. I would make sure everyone has the money they need.
4. I would let all the kids get their drivers license.
5. I would make sure everyone is safe.

If I were president

I'm pretty sure #4 and #5 would cancel each other out.  But #2 is by far my favorite thing he came up with.


Rachel said...

FHE treats last night. SLURPEES! :) Homemade but slurpees never the less.

Michael said...

Fun fact. While working for the mouse (the first time), from1994-1999, my nickname was "Slurpee"

The schedulars used to call the house and say, "Hello Mrs. Slurpee, is Slurpee there?" To which my wife would hang up on them.