Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everyone Needs A Dollar

One year on my birthday I was surprised to discover a small gold box in among the mail in my mailbox.  On top was a yellow sticky note with my name written in all caps and a smiley face drawn in beneath it.  I knew immediately that it was from my friend Jason and wondered what could be inside.  I pulled the lid off  and there sat a crisp new dollar bill, folded in half with another sticky note attached to it.  The note read, Everyone needs a dollar!

Earlier that week Jason had told me this story, so this seemingly simple gift instantly brought a smile to my face.  I placed the dollar in a notebook that I carried in my purse, and eventually forgot about it.

One day as I was driving I saw a homeless man holding a sign that said, I could use a dollar.  This made me think of Jason's story and the dollar in my notebook.  I fished around to find it then handed the man that dollar with the sticky note still attached.

After Jason died last year I was reminded again of that dollar.  I wished I still had it - or at least the sticky note that was stuck to it.  It was a simple thing, but it represented to me the good that he did and how he was always thinking of his friends.

A few weeks ago Jason's sister brought me some books from his classroom library.  My family was leafing through them, deciding which ones to keep and which ones to pass along, when Allen said to me, "Look at this!"

Inside one of the books was Jason's preferred customer card for a local hair salon... and a dollar.   

Was he reading this book while waiting for a trim of his signature Calvin-esque spiky hair?
pic found here

Was he planning to give the dollar as a tip?  I'll never know.  But I like to think that it was no coincidence that I now have a dollar to replace the one that he inspired me to give away.

Jason said it best himself.  "Like this simple dollar, the example we set each day may have a greater impact than we can ever fully realize."

Thanks for the dollar, my friend.


Rachel said...

No words....... Just smiling.

Corine said...

THAT is exactly why I love him - SO MUCH! :) Thanks for sharing, Gerb... :D

Mindy said...

Loved this post, Gerb. It was such a reminder of the kind of person Jason was.

It's also the epitome of who you are as well.

A Lark said...

Thanks. Love the little reminders...but they hurt, too. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

What a tender mercy. Your story and his.
Kathy V.