Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Errors Around Town

Found in the halls of a high school as I was leaving a basketball game:

We would go to The CENTER but now it's too far away.

I spotted this typo while online one Sunday afternoon:
It made me all kinds of giddy to send in an error report.  My kids think there is something wrong with me.

Pretty sure this sold me on NOT sending my kids to Snow College.  I think that you should be able to expect something that is being mass-produced and sent to prospective students to not have so many errors.  Maybe it's some kind of test.  How many can you find?

My friend Kamie spotted this one and captured it for me.  Who knew store hours could be so complicated?

Can I just buy this at regular price or do I have to pay the sale price?

Oh, SwagBucks.  I love you for the free Amazon gift cards I get every month but you need to have a training on the differences between your and you're.

I totally saved the best for last.  To be fair, this is a 12-year-old kid writing this.  It came from Cowgirl's pen pal at a school somewhere in Florida (let's call him Hulk).  Sure, his spelling and grammar could use some help, but if nothing else he totally gets points for content and creativity.  I'm pretty sure I have quoted part of this to just about every person I came in contact with yesterday. 


Rachel said...

Hahahahaha! Hulk. I love it. Believe it or not........ he has never lost.

Okay, you are not allowed to ever ever read my blog anymore! :D Oh the typos, punctuation errors, apostrophe errors..... You must have a hay day!


Connie said...

I have the same disease!
Seeing misspelled and misused words in a professional setting, turns my hair white! (You can tell that I've seen many) ;)

Annette said...

Makes me just wanna take a red pen and... :)