Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Leaving The Nest

Coolister is getting ready to move out next week.

I have mixed feelings about it, but I won't bore you with my crazy roller coaster of emotions.

As he was packing his life up into suitcases and boxes I came down to his room to check in on him. I started to tell him that some of the things he had packed into storage boxes were unnecessary things he wouldn't care about. (I was told recently that this is called Helicopter Mom Syndrome. I prefer to call it 'intervention with love' - but I'm trying to quit. Really.)

There were some plastic flags torn from the finish chute at various races (I'll put those in my running journal), notes and schedules from some classes in high school (I can pass those along to some friends who are taking those classes), plastic dollar store trophies won in contests (But don't you think they're funny, Mom?), an intricate snowflake cut from printer paper (My friend David mailed that to me. It is NOT going in the trash!) and so on.

At one point he showed me a letter and pointed out that it was a note I had written him. He mentioned that he could tell me all about what it said without even opening it up and that he kept things like that because they meant something to him. My heart softened a bit.

He pulled out a thank you card and told me it was one I left on his bed a few years back.

And then he pulled out the bottom drawer of his dresser, gathered something hidden beneath it into his arms and turned to show me this:

Every lunch bag I had given him during his sophomore year of high school.

You should make these into a book or something, Mom - these were the best jokes, ever!

Do you think I should have thrown these away?

Maybe not.

I realized in that moment that he and I have something in common. We are both overly sentimental and hang on to silly objects that hold happy memories for us.

My oldest boy, who I always see so much of his father in, has a part of me in there, too.

I left the room and let him finish packing.

On his own.


Broughton said...

How sweet! I love that he saved all the lunch bags! That would be an awesome book! Oh and how can he be old enough to leave? Crazy! He is going to have so much fun!

Teachinfourth said...

I can't tell you how awesome this post was, Gerb...


Jamie said...

You know you're a GREAT mom when.... your son saves his lunch bags because they have great memories and jokes from his amazing mother. What a milestone for you both. I hope the move goes well. Hang in there lady!

Amy said...

He saved your lunch bags?!? With all of your jokes?!? Oh my gosh! ha! I can't stop crying! That is probably the sweetest show of love and devotion that I have heard. By both you and Coolister.

Connie said...

What a great kid!

What an awesome Mom!

Pam M said...

Pretty darn awesome, Gerb! Wow.

Katrina Witt said...

this post tells me.. you have been an exceptional mother and person in his life and he will be just fine.