Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School

Holy mac and cheese! Where did the summer go?

The first day of school crept up on us and started yesterday. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I hope all their teachers enjoy every minute with my awesome kids because I am going to miss them like crazy at home. Crazy!!

I hope ElemenoB's teachers see past her quiet smile and get to know the side of her that drips with sarcasm and quick, witty comebacks. I want them to appreciate her mysterious love for Australia and her artistic abilities.

I hope Thumbelina's teachers will not only see a silly girl who likes to be overly expressive. I want them to appreciate how she accurately fits movie quotes into every conversation and bursts out in song on a whim. I hope they get to see the Thumbelina whose creativity is amazing.

I hope All-a-Boy's teachers can see past the smarty-pants kid who talks non-stop. I want them to really appreciate his vocabulary choices and the eye-roll that means he's secretly pleased. I hope they get to know the kid who is a natural leader and loyal friend. I hope they discover how much fun he can be.

I hope Cowgirl gets to be comfortable enough in her new class that her teacher can see past the quiet girl who wants to blend in and discover the outgoing, funny girl who wants to be noticed. I want her teacher to appreciate her sweetness and quirkiness, enjoy her clever side and recognize those certain looks she'll give to express her moods.

I want Princess' teacher to see past the nervous, shy person she can be and to recognize her craziness. I hope her teacher discovers what incredible expression she reads with. I want her to be so comfortable in her class that she will laugh out loud and smile with her teeth - even though she often tries to hide them.
(Her typical smile)

(Her real smile)

I really hope Hubba's teacher can look past his typical 6-year-old appreciation of bodily noises and his precociousness and see the kid who is ready to discover the world. I want his teacher to know of his love for learning and his desire to be friends with everyone. I hope she discovers his amazing arsenal of Star Wars vocabulary and hears his sweet singing voice.

I hope that, as my kids arrive home each afternoon, I will remember to take the time to talk to them about all of their school-time adventures. To sit and help each one with their homework and discover what they have learned. I want to appreciate all that their teachers have taught them while they have been away from home.

The first day of a new school year. Already.

Holy mac and cheese.


Lena the Teacher said...

I wish every parent could pin such a detailed note onto each child I teach! I hope that I can see as deeply as you see into each one of my own kids, and all 22 of my new students! I start tomorrow! Holy Watermelon Batman!

Teachinfourth said...

I feel fortunate to have gotten to know a few of these kids already, to get to know one now, and to have yet a slew of them yet to know in the future.

I'll only believe half of what she tells me at school if you only believe half of what she tells you...

Sarah said...

Loved the sweet post and the hope that went with it. As moms, we wish for everyone to see the best in our kids, and I think that helps me look for the good in everyone around me!!

cari said...

"Holy mac and cheese" is right! Summer went way too fast!

I loved this post, Gerb! Amazing kids! :)