Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nineteen And Counting

Monday was our 19th anniversary. Allen and I decided to go out for dinner and to see a musical to celebrate. Good times! The kids had never done anything for our anniversary in the past, but when we got home on Monday night we saw this on our garage:

Glow sticks! I love the creativity. Upon closer inspection, we realized there was more to it:

Oodles of notes from the kids! The next morning I went out to get a better look.

What an awesome idea. We loved reading every single one. They ranged from profound:

to family jokes and stories:

Some were clever:

And some were painfully honest:

Of course there was a Star Wars reference:

(ElemenoB has a thing for Han Solo)

And some cute artwork:

But my favorites were the messages of love:

It doesn't get much better than that.


Nance said...

You have passed on your fantastic sense of humor and positive outlook on life to your children- what a beautiful gift! I am very tempted to show my children and say "remember this!!" You guys are awesome!

Kristin said...

You're kids are FANTASTIC! Congrats on 19 years!

A Lark said...

TOO CUTE! I love these notes - can't stop laughing - thanks for sharing! And...Happy Anniversary. (:

Anaise said...

That was just charming. What treasures!

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You definitely have something to show for those 19 years. Jerri

Rachel said...

I am so making my kids study this for family home evening so when our 19th comes up in December they can make us go all gushy inside too.

What a neat surprise. Awesome doesn't cut it.

Jamie said...

What great kids! I can only hope... :)

Geo said...

What a great gift, and homemade too... by you! ; )

Jules said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary! I knew your kids were awesome but this is amazing! What a wonderful tribute to two great parents!

cari said...

Totally awesome!!! I would expect nothing less from your amazing kids! :) Sounds like a great 19th anniversary! Congratulations!

Gina said...

That was phenomenal. I might have six more kids just to get that. LOVE!

Katrina Witt said...

amazing!!!! I agree with Nance!!! just so cool. happy 19 years!