Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kindness Begins With Me

I taught my class on Sunday about God's desire for us to be kind to others. We talked about how happy it makes us feel when we do and say nice things as well as how it feels to be the recipient of kind words and deeds.

To illustrate I had each child take turns sitting in a chair at the front of the room with a felt crown on their head. I then asked the other kids to say something nice about the person wearing the crown, "Prince/Princess (insert name here)".

Here were some of their responses:
Prince Hubba
"He pways wif me so nice!"
"You are a very loving boy."
"I like his clothes a lot."

Princess S~
"She is very creative."
"She's my best fwend."
"Her is so beautiful!"

Princess E~
"I love your smile!"
"She is so pretty."
"Her have great hay-o (hair)!"

Prince Super C
"You are nice to others."
"He is so smawt all the time!"
"I like to play with you."

Once class had ended, I had a feeling of regret. I wished I had given myself a turn with the felt crown and heard what nice things the kids would have said about me. It seems selfish, I know, but like I taught my class, we all enjoy hearing nice things that others say about us. Is there really anything wrong with that? (No, there's not.)

I have decided that for this week, everyone I run into or think about will be deemed "Prince/Princess (insert your name here)". I'm going to compliment others on things I notice, even if it may embarrass them a little. I'm going to perform small acts of unexpected friendliness. I'm going to offer words of encouragement and kindness and try to proliferate those warm, happy feelings that come when we feel loved. If my class of 4 and 5-year-olds could benefit from it, couldn't we all?

You know that saying about how the teacher is often the one who gets the most out of giving a lesson?



Brown Thumb Mama said...

What an adorable bunch! Hope you-know-who was minding his Ps and Qs this week in church. ;o)

I wish we could get the "twins" together too. One of these years.

Infertility Goddess said...

Princess Gerb:
You are sunshine on a cold winter day. A thunderstorm in the blistering heat of summer. The perfect orange maple leaf in the fall and the crocus peaking from the wet soil in early springtime. You bring beauty to the world, and its a better place because your here.
Jen W.

Burns said...

I read this to Super C and he said he "woulded telled Sis. Bwack her do great teaches and her is so beautiful." I guess we need to work on grammar a little. But we can't wait to try to be more kind this week.

Anaise said...

Oh, such sweet faces and funny and sincere kind words. How fun it must be for you to teach that class each week--I hope I'm never released from Primary!

And Princess G, I appreciate how you bring a smile to my face on an almost daily basis.

Kate said...

I love this idea! Would you mind if I shared a link to this post on my blog, www.ayearofnocomplaints.blogspot.com?

Gerb said...

BTM- Hubba was awesome this week. It was the best week we have ever had at church with him and I was SO happy!

Jen- You maybe made me cry a little. Thanks.

Super C's Mom- Tell Super C that he makes me smile every time I see him. I sure love that kid.

Anaise- Thank you so much. Primary is pretty awesome, isn't it?

Kate- Share away. And what a great idea...a year of no complaints. I'm not sure if I could make it, but it IS a great idea!

Sister Pottymouth said...

Princess Gerb:

I love your smile! You tell awesome stories that I could listen to all day. You are my favorite cousin-in-law. I wish you lived next door to me.


Sister Pottymouth

Teachinfourth said...

PG-13...we'll, I guess there really aren't 13 members of your family, 'Princess Gerb', but I wanted to thank you for the act of kindness on a certain day of 9; for a group of 23.

I loved that fact that there were about 3 for me.

Thou art amazing...

Gerb said...

Sis P.- Ditto to you on everything. I'm so glad we're family!

T5th- One can never have enough of a wonderful thing, right? Like birthdays and maple bars?