Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Out

Last Saturday I had the chance to get out in the community and do some sign language interpreting again. It has been awhile, but despite my nervousness I was really looking forward to it. I met up with my brother, Chip, and we carpooled to Salt Lake City together to work as two of the ASL interpreters for the General Relief Society broadcast for our church.


We had an amazing crew:
The green room was loaded with plenty of things to snack on:

I was so excited that Chip suggested I get out a little more often. (Wouldn't you be excited?! Look at all of the chocolate!! And you can't even see the fruit and veggie trays, or plethora of drinks!)

This is the set, with the hot seat:

Here are Chip and I, reviewing the talks we will be translating for:

The talk I was assigned to interpret went great, especially considering I have not done this in quite awhile. If you want to watch me at work, click on this link then click on the link for Silvia H. Allred's talk in American Sign Language. If I ever figure out how to embed the video here, I'll do so and make it easier for all of us. But for now, click.

As we were leaving, Chip pointed out this poster of a former event at the Conference Center:

He told me about how he got to interpret for this concert, featuring the Oak Ridge Boys. And how everyone in the Tabernacle Choir kept asking the Oak Ridge Boys during rehearsals if they were going to sing Elvira but they kept saying they didn't think it fit the program. And then how it came down from the top that they could go ahead and sing the song, and that Chip was told to not hold back in his interpretation, but to put on a show. And then he gave me a small sampling of his performance, the likes of which I would pay handsomely to see again. I mean, who knew he could move like that when signing, Giddy-up, a whoom-bop a whoom-bop a maow maow! Apparently Chip's hips are not a force to be reckoned with.

Every once in awhile it is just a great thing to spend some time with my brother, enjoying some tasty treats and doing something that we love.


simplysarah said...

How cool! I wish I could see Elvira in ASL! :)

Rachel said...

Im a random who found you blog through a friend. I just want to say thanks for interpreting the conference! I knew your brother, Chip who interpreted for me many times. :) You did great!

Rebecca said...

That makes me laugh just thinking about Chip signing that song! Please, please, please, record that and put it on youtube or something.

P.S. You lucky. Me jealous. Wish I could speak that language.

Angela said...

WOW Im so proud of you. You did a great job what a lucky Women you are to be so talented.

Anaise said...

So I looked for Mary Bonham in your crew of interpreters, but I didn't see her--I know she interprets for General Conference sometimes. Do you ever see her? You guys run in some famous circles these days--what a privilege and blessing to get to be a part of such precious spiritual moments. My kids and I had fun watching you.

Jon and Maryanne said...


Lars said...

I came across your blog from Teachin Fourth's blog. As per request I am following your challenge and leaving a comment, but I wanted to do so on one of your posts that spoke to me a lot.

I work with people with disabilities and have always been fascinated by the deaf community, so much so that I have taken an interest in learning ASL. I just wanted to say you must be quite an amazing person to take the time to interpret so that another could enjoy conference.

Gerb said...

Sarah- You and me both! I only got snippets.

Rachel- You are very welcome, it was an honor to do so. And thanks!

Bec- If I could, I totally would. Or can/will. Because I'm pretty sure he'd become famous just with the part he showed me...

Angela- Thanks so much! You are a sweetheart.

Anaise- I do see Mary occasionally but not at this one. She and I both work at BYU but I work so rarely that I don't get to interact with the other interpreters often.

I am glad you & your girls had fun watching it in ASL!

Maryanne- Thanks!

Lars- It is honestly my pleasure to do any kind of church interpreting. I see it as paying tithing on my talent. ;)

Corine said...

So cool! My daughter has thought about learning sign language and being an interpretor. Her dad, my husband, will probably be deaf one day. Still not learning yet, but, he does read lips really well! :D

PS I loved the RS Conference!!!!

Gerb said...

Corine- ASL interpreting is an awesome profession to get into. There is such a huge need for interpreters out there. Tell your daughter to go for it - she won't regret it!