Monday, September 21, 2009

September Serendipi-Tea

One warm September afternoon I was invited to saunter over to my wonderful friend Jan's home to enjoy one of her quaint tea parties. Every party has a theme, and this month's was September Serendipity, which, as Jan pointed out, sounds quite a bit like September! Share-a-dip-of-tea. So we did.

To start things off we enjoyed shrimp scampi on sun-dried tomato crackers along with some sparkling strawberry pomegranate juice as we read aloud the morals from the Serendipity line of books. My favorite moral, ever since I was very little?

"Normal is whatever I am."

Next we feasted on spaghetti with meatballs and red sauce along with sourdough bread spread with pesto while admiring Jan's dishes and table decor.

For dessert we were served a splendid lemon sorbet in antique teacups along with snickerdoodle cookies. And then it was time for dress-ups. (What? It's not normal for grown ladies to play dress ups? Well, Normal Is Whatever I Am. So there.)

Jan gave us each a hat and pair of gloves to wear as we continued to eat and enjoy each other's company.

Don't they look charming? And so proper with their pinkies raised! After I took about a million pictures of the group, they insisted on taking one of me as well.

Pinkies up!

Jan then brought out this delicately beautiful hat which had been her aunt's and had us all try it on.

I thought it particularly suited Nadine and complimented her seashell necklace very nicely.

I think it is fair to conclude that we all had quite a serendipitous day.


Blogful said...

I love your blog. I too am LDS and think motherhood rocks.
However, I have to ask you. It seems like you frequently have little outings alone without your nine beauties. I am frequently feeling overloaded with my two and like I never get a break. How do you sneak a respite?

Gina said...

You live in the movies. I love it!

Brown Thumb Mama said...

Simply splendid.

Rebecca said...

"Vintage" suits you well, Gerb. As does "charming."

Kimm said...

Very chraming my dear!

Amber said...

Did you give her the S things?

Anonymous said...

Leo the Lop? I LOVED that book as a kid!

Glad you were able to go and have a bit of fun, Gerb.

Gerb said...

Blogful- First of all, thank you! It means a lot to me that you come back and read more than once. Now, how do I answer your question without writing a novel? The short version is that I have older kids who can tend the little ones as well as a husband with a flexible work schedule AND friends who are willing to help me out on occasion. If you'd like the long version, email me at gerbdonna at gmail and I'd love to chat with you about it.

Gina- I love that you think that. And honestly, on that day I would have agreed with you.

BTM- I concur.

Bec- Why, thank you m'lady.

Kimm- Thank you, my dear!

Amber- Oh, yes. Super-soft stripey socks, Stride Spearmint gum, Sixlets, the book 'Sammy's Song' and some scrubber sponges. Thank you and Amanda for your assistance at the store!

Gerb said...

Anonymous- Could this possibly be Julz, the one who introduced me to Leo the Lop?! Either way... thanks for the comment.

Anaise said...

I've been simply aching to have a tea party--something lovely with hats and gloves and beautiful things to eat--though I was going to go the other direction as far as the age of my guests is concerned . . . and you got to do it! I am impatient to be back in good form again and able to act on my ideas.

Thanks for continuing to inspire and delight me.

little bird said...

i love this post. I just started a new blog for activity directors in nursing homes and would love to share this with them or have your friend share some of her monthly ideas with us as well let me know what you think


Gerb said...

Anaise- I wish I had the beautiful teacups and saucers that Jan has but I do not own one lick of China. I have had tea parties with my girls (and boys!) on our plastic WalMart set, though. I love being a little girl again, especially with this fun group of ladies.

I hope you're feeling yourself again soon. Take care, friend!

Dymphna- I wouldn't mind your sharing this idea at all. I know Jan wouldn't mind, either. We usually only have our tea parties in the summer months when we can meet on her patio. I know some of our monthly themes have been: June in Africa, Christmas in July, August in the Orient, Fall Harvest, Welcoming Winter... if you want more details feel free to email me (gerbdonna at gmail). I can tell you some of the things she decorated with and the foods she served. Jan is a true gem when it comes to tea parties.