Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is WAR!

Apparently, the "tooth fairy" reads my blog. Why do I write"tooth fairy" that way? Because the "tooth fairy" I am referring to is an impostor.

Let me explain. I am well acquainted with the tooth fairy who picks up teeth and leaves cash at our house. Very well acquainted, actually. I mean, with 9 kids - that's a lot of teeth!

You can imagine my surprise when I found a nice little package on our doorstep last night. I brought it in and showed it to Cowgirl, who was ecstatic to have a visit from the "tooth fairy" when she hadn't even lost a tooth! We all know this is impossible. I mean, haven't we all seen "Santa Clause 2"?! Plus, the letter on the package was written in a different font than was used last time. And this note was full-sized, not tiny tooth fairy sized like the last one. And I always know when the real tooth fairy is coming. I had no advance notice here. I rest my case.

The impostor's note read:
(click on the picture to enlarge)

And inside were these:
Not Peeps, but sugar-coated marshmallow people decorated with frosting. Because, as we all know, the marshmallows and sugar coating are not enough to produce a true, bouncing-off-the-walls sugar high. We must give the children frosting as well.

I will say this - these Peep impostors are much cuter than actual Peeps. But no matter. The sugar-induced hyperactivity was twice the norm.

I will find you, "tooth fairy". And when I do... it's war.


Gina said...

Again, I love it. Comic relief for me is war for you.

Holmes said...

Ha! If only I had thought of that. That "tooth fairy" is so clever! Hilarious! Of course, I'm not dealing with the sugar-infested children :o)

Teachinfourth said...

LOL...That is brilliant! How did you explain it to Cowgirl though?

By the way, I don't envy the person who did that to you guys...

Gerb said...

Gina- Always happy to provide some reading material. I'm just glad you keep coming back.

Holmes- This sounds like something that would have been right up your alley back when I knew you as "Holmes". Strawberries come to mind...

Tchn5th- Yeah, BRILLIANT and hilarious, but still a call to war. I don't envy HIM either... there's a storm coming. A STORM!

Teachinfourth said...

Okay, since the cat is now out of the bag (due to Gerb's Sherlock Holmes' type of deduction...) I'd better just take the credit now and rue what comes.

It was me.

Would I do it again?