Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Green?

(photo from glassrootsofmontana.com)

I was thinking back recently to a time when writing poetry was my life. It defined who I was, it helped me to get the feelings I had deep down in my innermost core out onto paper in as abstract or concrete a way as I desired. Some poems took days to compose, some hours, some minutes.

One such poem I wrote became a favorite. It came to me one day as I sat in the alcove under the stairs in front of apartment #6 of Bay Village Apartments, pen and notebook in hand. I loved this poem so much that it even inspired my favorite color for that year - as well as the purchase of my beloved first pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars (back before they were cool). It contained only 6 words:

Why Green?
Because blue loves yellow.

I don't expect that to be earth-shattering for anyone out there.

But it still makes me smile.


Holmes said...

How fitting coming from the mom of a current and lots of future Provo High students. Truly inspiring! And quite clever, I may add. Makes me smile too...

pam said...

Makes me smile too!

Teachinfourth said...

I'll have to tell you my comment in person.

Mom of Three said...

That made me smile too! Your blog makes me smile! Thanks for sharing!!