Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slightly Imperfect

While perusing the aisles of a local dollar store for a few items needed for a gift exchange I came upon the sock aisle. Socks, I thought to myself, I need those. Unfortunately the selection of colorful, fun socks left much to be desired, so I turned my attention to the boring white variety.

I was surprised to find a decent name brand with not only one pair, but two in a pack. Why are these here? I wondered. Upon closer inspection I noticed a small label on the front of the socks: SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT. "Slightly imperfect?" I wondered aloud. "I wonder what that means?"

Coolister was with me and he quickly responded with, "Maybe it's referring to the girl, not the socks." I took another look... she looked pretty good to me. In fact, compared to her, my physique would be labeled something along the lines of ENTIRELY IMPERFECT.

Isn't it great that we don't have to wear labels? I mean, labels like DONUT CONNOISSEUR or DOMESTIC GODDESS, those I'd proudly wear. But there are other labels I would prefer to keep to myself.

We all have imperfections. I think that's what makes us interesting.

You know what? Maybe SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT isn't so bad.

In fact, SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT is keeping my feet warm right now.



b. said...

I like that...

Cami said...

Quite thoughtful. I agree...I'll take slightly imperfect any day!

Teachinfourth said...
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Teachinfourth said...

I certainly hope they didn't accidentally put two left socks or two right in the package...that could really mess up your feet, you know.

Sorry that I deleted my last comment but I accidentally spelled accidentially on accident.

DaNae said...

I agree. I can live with SLIGHTLY IMPERFECT.