Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cats In Space

Elle and I have been doing a lot of shopping lately in an attempt to find her the clothes that she needs for the next 18 months as a missionary for our church.  The problem with shopping with Elle is that we are both fascinated by unique (some might say strange or crazy) things.  So instead of buying missionary clothes we often come home from a day's worth of shopping with things like a vintage plastic cup, a humpback whale light set and a purse shaped like an elephant.

Often when we see something crazy I have to go by my 24-hour rule so that I don't bring home a bunch of knick-knacky things that we don't really need (regardless of the cool factor).  My 24-hour rule is this: put it down and leave the store.  If I still want it in 24 hours I can go back and get it.

Just before Christmas Elle and I were shopping and came across these amazing cat pants!

You need a closer look, don't you?
Pure awesomeness.  Elle told me I could buy them if I wanted.  I almost got them for my cat-loving friend for Christmas but just before check-out I told Elle I was putting them back. She immediately put them with her stuff in the cart and then bought them for herself.

Do you know what happened?  I wasn't even trying for the 24-hour rule with these pants but I could NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM.  Here's the thing, though.  She bought the last pair in the store. We even had two different ladies ask us where we got them when they saw them in our cart.  THAT is how amazing these pants are.  That is the power they hold.  SOLD. OUT.

A week after Christmas these pants were still calling to me. The internet, I thought. And so I searched, and there they were.  You can buy anything on Amazon! So I did.  And then the bad weather came and delayed my package in Illinois for almost TWO WEEKS.  But today?  It came.

I am now the proud owner of 'Cats Flying Through Space Cute Kitty Leggings' and I can't wait for the chance to wear them to the gym.


Rachel said...

I think Natalie needs a pair. :D

Gerb said...

Rachel - That's who I almost bought them for at Christmas! But for $19.99 I needed a guarantee that she would wear them and I wasn't sure.

Rachel said...

:) I'd make her wear them. Often!

Richard & Natalie said...

I would TOTALLY wear them with my awesome kitty beanie!

Anaise said...

Those are truly special pants--I hope Elle can wear them often on her mission. :)

Petersons said...

Now we need to see a picture of you wearing them!