Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Re-Creating Disney's Frozen

I had to be at meetings all morning last Saturday.  I left before my kids woke up and I returned home after lunch.  When I came into the house I immediately noticed that Thumbelina was dressed a lot like Anna from Disney's Frozen.  I asked if that was on purpose and everyone started talking at once.

We took pictures! We acted out some of the scenes! I was Olaf! I was Sven! Thumbelina made us costumes! And so on.

Here are the original characters:
Anna and Elsa

Kristoff and Sven the reindeer

Olaf the snowman

Here's what they put together over the course of a morning.  See if you can pick out the scenes from the movie.
Do you wanna build a snowman?

My name's Olaf and I like warm hugs.

I think some company is overdue...

  I've started talking to...

 The pictures on the walls. (Hang in there, Joan!)

Don't let them in, don't let them seeeeeee....

Give me my glove!  

Let it go! Let it go!

Don't let the frostbite biiiiite.

Will you take me to the north mountain?

I can't feel my legs!

Those are my legs.

Elsa and Olaf

Elsa makes Olaf a snow cloud

After a while Hubba wanted in on the action but they couldn't think of anyone for him to be (because who wants to be Hans? No one. That's who.) so Thumbelina made him Jack Frost...

then created parts for him in the movie.  He and Elsa would have gotten along splendidly, of course.
 And he helped keep Olaf cold whenever it was needed.

Even All-a-Boy decided to create a character for himself.  He became The Ninja That Nobody Sees In Frozen.  But here's a glimpse of him as Jack and Elsa are having a snowball fight in my dining room.

Little X didn't want to be left out either but at that point Thumbelina was done with putting together costumes and posing everyone in different scenes.  She still helped him figure out a key role in the movie, though, and X was super excited to tell me who he was.  "Look, Mom!" he said while crouching into a ball.  "I a rock!"  And then he jumped into a standing position and announced, "I a troll!"  Here he is hanging out with Kristoff.


Pretty adorable for a troll, isn't he?

I love how my 17 year old enjoys playing with all of her younger siblings (disclaimer: not all of the time, but I'll take what I can get!).  I love the way their imaginations work.  I love having a front row seat to their creativity.  Days like this one, when everyone seems to get along and there is a feeling of fun and happiness throughout the house, are the days I most love being a mom to this crazy assortment of adorable people.


Rachel said...

This. Is. What?? I don't have the words!! Amazing. Fun. Brilliant. Clever. Beautiful. And seriously? A rock that turns into a troll? That is the cutest rockin' troll I've ever seen!

Anaise said...

What fun!!!!

Steph said...

I love love LOVE this.