Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And She's Off!

I really do not have many words here.

But here we are at 3:30 am on our way to the airport.

A couple of family shots before she headed for the gate:

And then a lot of hugs and tears - I think this one was the hardest.

One last smile from the security line...

and then we left our Elle Monroe at the airport (along with a large group of other missionaries, that made me feel a little better) to find her way to Mexico.  And then Louisiana.  For 18 months. A whole year and a half!

The crazy thing about missionaries leaving is the emotional roller coaster.  I want her to go!  But I don't want her to go!  But really, I want her to be doing this!  It's going to be such an awesome experience and she's going to do so much good and share what she knows and loves with lots of people who she'll get to know and love.  But I'll only get to talk to her twice a year! And what if, what if, what if?  And how can I be so happy and excited for her and be so sad and heart-achey at the same time?

It all comes down to this: This is what Elle wants to do.  It's what she's wanted to do for as long as I can remember.  It's what I want for her and where I want her to be.  And I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that she will be awesome.