Friday, January 17, 2014

My Best Buddy

This little guy and I get to spend a lot of time together.  As he's started to experiment with words it has been a lot of fun to communicate with him on another level.  He will often say something that I don't understand so I repeat the sounds back to him and he gets really excited and says, "Yeah, Mom!"

I was just organizing all of the pictures I took in the last two months on my computer and I realized that a lot of them are of our little X.  It's not because he's my favorite but because we are together pretty much all of the time.  And because he's so darn adorable.

Allen and I always take each of our kids out to lunch or dinner for their birthday - just the birthday child and us.  Little X will always respond to the question 'what do you want to eat?' with 'PIZZA!' so it was easy to figure out where to take him for his birthday lunch last month.  I love this picture of two of my favorite guys.

One day I told him we needed to go to the store so he told me, "I go downscares get ready!" and came back upstairs like this:
because everyone needs a large Star Wars hat and swim goggles for a trip to the store, obviously.  This kid loves hats.  And glasses.

When I was Christmas shopping X was my constant companion.  When I was checking out bikes at one store he grabbed himself a helmet with a mohawk, hopped on a bike that was just his size ("Look, Mom! Spiderman!") and was content to scoot himself around the aisle until I was done.

It's pretty exhausting having to keep up with me.  

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Blogful said...

I have a little buddy too and that's exactly what I call him. He and I are great pals and we hang out together all day and yes I have tons of pictures of him and my older kids I have to remind myself to document on the short windows of time that they are here and home. But man, some day I am really going to miss my little buddy. He's 3 and 3's say the funnest things.