Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

The Fox wants to know... What do we say?

Allen says: I have almost 3 years as Scoutmaster under my belt. I enjoyed many campouts with the scouts as well as our week-long camp this summer and a rafting trip with some of our older kids. I enjoyed watching the milestones my kids have reached this year and have spent a lot of time contemplating my future life full of grandchildren.

Gerb says: Allen and I were able to take a trip to New York with our friends the Biglers. I got to see Newsies on stage again! I loved my annual week in the mountains at Young Women’s Camp and have a new assignment at church to work with the young women (age 12-18) and their leaders. I’m learning a lot.                             

Allen the Younger says: I love sharing the good word of God and serving the people of Fort Worth, Texas! I’ve gone through a tornado and ice storms (it literally rains ice!) in the last year and have also seen many miracles. You can read my weekly letters home at I love y'all!!!

Elle says: I’ve graduated from high school and finished one semester at BYU. But the best thing that happened this year was that I received my call to serve a mission in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for 18 months, speaking Spanish! I will leave for the Mexico Missionary Training Center in late January and then on to Baton Rouge!

Thumbelina says: My braces are off! My XC team placed 9th in state, I made it into Chamber Singers and I love it! We sang backup at a Foreigner concert (they let me play bass guitar!) and I also got to sing in Utah’s All-State Choir. I finally got my driver’s license, went to Disneyland twice, and I’m graduating from high school in the spring! Fantastic!

All-a-Boy says: I’m a freshman! I had the privilege of performing as a Wickersham in Seussical, I have a lot of fun singing baritone in Men’s Choir. I was able to enjoy a two-week trip to the National Scout Jamboree and various church history sites this summer. I’m almost an Eagle scout! I started (occasionally) wearing glasses this year. Allonsy!

Cowgirl says: I turned 12 and got to go to camp with my mom this summer! I loved going on a backpacking trip with my dad and the other girls my age at church. I graduated from 6th grade and now I go to middle school. I’m in the choir. The kids in our family discovered Doctor Who and I can not get enough of it!  Geronimo!

Princess says: I’m almost 11. I love to read! Some of my favorite authors are Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Louis Sachar, Richard Paul Evans and Suzanne Collins. Of course, I still love the Harry Potter books too! I love to sing, go to school and be outside. We went camping in California over Spring Break and I got to shoot guns! That was cool.

Hubba says: I’m in third grade now. I got to be a Bear cub scout in October. It’s fun. That means I got my Wolf badge. I loved going fishing at our family reunion this summer. I caught a fish! I love shooting my BB gun. I also made up a comic strip called Mighty Boy. Nothing too exciting happened though. We didn’t move or anything.

Curly says: I’m seven now and my teacher is Mrs. Anderson. She really likes diet Coke. When we do math she makes it fun. I love numbers and counting as high as I can! I like to color and draw and paint and decorate things. I like to play games, ride my bike and roller skate. I love to read, especially Bailey School Kids and Flat Stanley books. Bye!

Little O says: I get to go at school now because I’m in kindergarten! I like to play with blocks and my brother Little X is my best friend even though he pinches me sometimes. I want to eat healthy food so I can grow huge muscles just like my dad. I like learning my letters.  My favorite letters are O and E and that one at the end of my name.

Little X says: Dats awaboyaygo. Wook dispartuk. Wach Bababurbur? Translation: That’s All-a-Boy’s Legos. (He loves to get into his brothers’ Legos when they are at school.) Look at this fire truck. (All trucks are fire trucks. Unless they are construction vehicles.) Watch Bob the Builder? (He loves watching Bob and knows the names of every machine.)                                          

We all say:  We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Anaise said...

That was a fun letter to read. Merry Christmas to all of you!!!