Monday, May 6, 2013

Awful Waffles and Taco Bloop

One time when I was gone and Allen was tasked with making dinner for the kids, he decided to make waffles.  Instead of baking powder he used baking soda and instead of teaspoons he used tablespoons and apparently they turned out pretty gross.  The kids still talk about the time they ate 'Awful Waffles' for dinner.

I never had this kind of story until last Halloween.  I made a pot of Taco Soup and told the kids they had to eat some before they could go Trick-or-Treating.  A couple of them mentioned that it tasted different but I thought that they were making excuses.  I had used a different brand of beans and added green peppers to it, so I thought that was the 'it-tastes-different' culprit.  They all ate every last bite then headed out to collect their loot.  Once things slowed down a bit I sat down to have a bowl of soup for myself.  I about gagged with the first bite.  It was so salty!  And then I realized my mistake.  Instead of Taco Seasoning I had used Seasoned Salt.  A heaping 1/4 cup worth.  I felt terrible for making each of the kids eat a whole bowl of it.

A few months later, I made Taco Soup with seasoning salt again.  It got nicknamed Taco Bloop.

A few weeks ago I almost made the same mistake a third time.  I caught myself after pouring just a bit of salt into the pot and was able to salvage it by scooping out most of the salt.

In my defense, the containers for Taco Seasoning and Seasoning Salt look almost exactly the same.  And the contents look pretty similar, too.

Thumbelina decided that she had seen enough salty soup and made me a new label for the Seasoning Salt.



 Problem solved.



Anaise said...

Hooray for great problem solvers! I hate it when I make the kids eat something gross . . . it doesn't happen often, but I feel so guilty when it does!

girlsmama said...

So funny! I used ginger OK nice instead of dry mustard powder in Mac and cheese. Not a family favorite!

Rachel said...

I can remember when I was a teen making Baking Powder Biscuits but oops........ using baking soda instead of powder. NASTY!

Maleen said...

Ha ha ha. That is hilarious. It is good that you have kids with good solutions. Although it would only take twice for me to relabel your spices. You have some patient children.

Kristin said...

This is hilarious!