Friday, May 10, 2013

My Littlest Stinker

My Little X is such a rascal!  It's tough, because I love this age and I hate it.  I love how he is finding his words and will animatedly babble on and on about things that obviously make sense to him.  I love the big hugs and messy kisses and understanding just what Little X means when he says "Ahyahboo!"

The worst thing that every one of my kids do at this age is turn into escape artists.  They have found their independence and they want the freedom to roam the world!  The deadbolt on the front door is no match for them.  A simple right-hand turn to freedom?  Easy!  Because of this we installed what we called the Hubba Lock.  It's a second, much higher and harder to reach lock that can only be undone with a key.  (Hubba mastered that in about 3 days.  Little X is still frustrated by it.) 

The problem with the Hubba Lock is that when there are 11 people living in a house there is plenty of coming and going happening and sometimes that lock is forgotten.  Little X has radar sensors that tell him when this is the case and at any given moment he finds his way to freedom.  Luckily we have always found him within a couple of houses away from our home.  But it's always scary to know he's been out there without supervision for any amount of time.

The other thing that scares me at this age is quiet.  As in, I know he's downstairs - but it's so quiet down there.  It always means the same thing - something is happening that I don't want happening.  Like the time I found him yesterday happily splashing his feet in the bathroom sink (socks, shoes and pant legs included), forming an impressive puddle on the floor.  Or when I found him sitting in his diaper on top of a mountain of clothes in the little girls' room (that he had made with every item from their now-empty closet and dressers) drawing on himself with red marker.  "Ta-da!" he happily called to me when I found him, his arms open wide - obviously impressed with his creation.

The most recent shenanigan happened as I was typing up an agenda for a meeting and Thumbelina stood in the kitchen making cookies.  He was right behind me and right behind her, happily playing with his cars.

In the flour.  On the carpet.

I had a million things to do that day.  I had no time to be upset.  Instead, I took a picture.  Thumbelina asked, "Why are you taking his picture?  He'll think he's cute and do it again."  I told her that I take pictures of moments like these because eventually they'll be really funny.

(And also because he's cute.  Even when he's being naughty.)


mommeeof10 said...

We have small alarms on the exterior doors. They are set to chime at night, and we change them to continuous alarm during the day. My 4 yr old likes to wander, we live on a busy street.

Petersons said...

My youngest was about 2 when, on a beautiful summer day, she was found by a neighbour at a park a block away chasing a butterfly. We didn't even know she was missing until our neighbour brought her to our door!!

Kathy V said...

Best parenting advice I ever got: Don't get mad. Get the camera.

Maleen said...

Agreed. He is a super cute kid. Man, I hate it when it gets quiet around here. Except when I know the kids are all outside. Then I LOVE the quiet.