Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Come What MAY

May brought the discovery of a window shot out for fun on a Friday night:

and a phone call from ElemenoB about a little fender bender on a weekday morning:

then a news report about a tornado in the town that my oldest boy just moved to:

photo credit

all stacked on top of a bunch of other things I won't mention.  I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and scared and sad and emotional.

But then I remembered that there were senior pictures taken of my brilliant, beautiful oldest daughter:

and an impromptu slumber party in my bedroom when Allen was out of town:

and the most splendid tea party with friends:

as well as All-a-Boy's choir performance where he sang in a trio and had a solo in ASL:

and finding out that this gorgeous and amazing young woman made it into the choir she auditioned for:

along with a million other little blessings and tender mercies and even miracles, mixed with the laughter of my children and letters from my missionary son and a feeling of hope and peace and happiness.  And suddenly May felt a whole lot better.


Rachel said...

I didn't know about your window being shot out too!!!! Oh my goodness Gerb!!!

I'm grateful I was able to be a part of some of the miracles in May. It's not over but I think it is ending in a pretty awesome way with "J" being proud of the Dynamic Trio. :D

Linn said...

Love this post. Sorry about the window and the fender bender, so grateful your boy is okay, the senior picture is ridiculously gorgeous and everything else made me smile. Thanks for sharing cute firned.

Angela said...

I thought of your son on the day of the tornados also so glad he is safe and I love updates of your kids and how they are doing