Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tales From The Fridge

The prompt asks, Write a story about the picture.

Hubba writes, That they have big ears and. Too thingers on the. Chrunk.

When asked about this piece of creative writing, Hubba told me that there is no story in the picture - it is just a couple of elephants playing catch with a ball that looks like earth.  But he had to write something, so he did.

Sometimes a picture is not worth a thousand words.  More like eleven.

1 comment:

Brown Thumb Mama said...

I promise you that Hubba and Jackjack are twins.

Make up a silly story and tell it to Mama? No problem. Write down a few sentences for homework? You might as well waterboard the kid and stick bamboo under his fingernails.

Who knew first grade homework would be so painful?!?