Thursday, May 3, 2012

Life's A Happy Song

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This morning was a little crazy.

The 3 kids who go to elementary school were constantly getting on each other's nerves and calling each other things like crybaby, stupidhead and freak.

The mom who usually drives the kids to school called to tell me that pinkeye was going around at her house, so I was happy to be the morning driver instead.

As we loaded into the van, my kids started in again.

"Mom! He made me poke myself with my pencil!"
"Did not, crybaby!"

"Moooooom!  I was sitting there first!"
"No, I was!"
"You were not, stupidhead."

"She pinched me!"
"I only pinched your pants, you freak."

I was about two seconds away from losing it.  There was only one thing to do.  "Guys," I announced loudly, "I think we need a really happy song to get us in a more cheerful mood this morning."

"NOOOOOOO!" they all yelled out at the same time.

"Everything is great, everything is grand, I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand!" I belted out.

"Mooooom!" Princess complained.  "H~ is in the car!"

I looked at her friend in the rear view mirror.  She was smiling.  That was all the encouragement I needed.

"Everything is perfect! It's falling into place.  I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face!" I continued.

"You guys take the next part or I'll walk you to your classes individually while singing and dancing this song," I threatened.  The girls know me too well.  They knew what pleasure it would bring me to follow through.

Cowgirl and Princess quickly sang out, "Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along."

"More feeling!" I demanded.

"Everything is great, everything is grand, I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand!" they practically screamed.

I glanced back to see Hubba scowling at me silently as the girls continued to sing.

"Someone's getting walked to class by a crazy singing mom!" I warned, making eye contact.

I could see a smile creeping in.  Man, was he ever fighting it.

"Life's a piece of cake!" the girls sang out.

"With someone to give, and someone to take!" I replied.

"Life's an easy road," I sang.

"With someone beside you to share the load!" they sang back.

We continued singing and I kept glancing back at Hubba in the rear view mirror.  He was just about there...

"Life's a fillet of fish!" I sang at the top of my lungs, then gave a grand sweeping motion toward Hubba with my hand.

The car was dead silent.

And then it came.  The customary eye roll, followed by that deep my-mom-is-so-weird kind of sigh, a little twitch at the side of his mouth, and he couldn't resist it any longer.

"Ugh!" Hubba started before singing quietly, "Yes, it is."

The whole van erupted in cheers as we over-enthusiastically sang the last line together.

"Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along!"

They all left the van happy and smiling as they made their way towards the school - and I was able to avoid yelling at everyone.

Mission accomplished.


Brown Thumb Mama said...

Haha! I do this too when the grumpies threaten. We sing the Banana Slug song.

Not even the most hardened six-year-old can resist singing Baaaa-na-na SLUUUUUUUG! at the top of his lungs.

Rachel said...

Thank heavens for the Muppets.... :D And other such songs that can always score grins on the grumpiest of pants.

The key is.. to sing just a tidge off key... :)

La Yen said...

I love you so, so, so much.

Teachinfourth said...

Hmmm...I wonder who he learned the eye-roll from.

BTW, have I told you lately that you're awesome?

Yeah, you is.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Wow, I would've lost it! I need to learn that song.

laura said...


I just told my kids about it and I think they're worried about the idea being planted in my head!

Maleen said...

Seriously impressive. I know that humor can fix almost any problem, but sometimes it takes a lot of energy to find it and use it. Way to go.

A Lark said...

I LOVE this song - I've been playing it for my students every day for the last couple of weeks and it is AMAZING the change that takes place in all of them as they start singing and "bouncing" around.

Kathy V said...

You are an awesome mom!