Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Pleasures

The first thing I do after herding the kids down our church pew each week (center section, 4th row up from the back, thankyouverymuch) is read over the program.  It's typical to find a few errors, but this year's Mother's Day program was a real treat.

This is my new favorite Mother's Day hymn, sung especially for the pregnant moms who are still experiencing morning sickness:

And this announcement from the Primary got me super excited:

Their budget must be HUGE!  I've wanted a fryer forever, and now we would have FIVE since I have 5 kids in Primary. 

I'm still watching for those fryers, but once they get here it's going to be a PAR-TAY!  French fries and donuts for everyone!! 


Cassie Rowell said...

Since you're gonna have 5 dryers, can I have one? ;)

Anonymous said...

Autocorrect....."fryers"...(but I'll take a dryer, too). :)

Rachel said...

:) Your ward rocks! Ours sent goldfish home with each primary kid once for Halloween. Having as many kids as I had in primary at the time......... NOT funny!

Anaise said...

That's really funny! Where would you keep so many fryers??

Chelle! said...

Aw...this makes me smile. I think that they create the program with you in mind.