Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest Post: Flat Stanley

Dear Aleah,

Thanks so much for sending me to visit with Gerb and her family!  I had the greatest time in Utah.

I thought the Salt Lake City Temple was really cool.
It almost looks like a castle, don't you think?  It took 40 years to build it!
I saw the huge Y on the mountain by Brigham Young University.
See it there in the distance?  Did you know that it is even larger than the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles?

I got to go camping one night with Gerb's family.
We ate hotdogs and s'mores.  They were delicious!

One of the days I was there it even snowed!
It was fun to wake up to a world blanketed in white.

One night I heard Allen talking about taking Gerb on a surprise trip.  Lucky for me, Gerb had packed her notebook and I was tucked inside.  It was so much fun to ride on an airplane instead of in an envelope.

When the plane landed, we were in New York!  This is the lobby of the Hotel Edison where we stayed
and here's the view from the window on the 18th floor.
That's Times Square!

You know what I found out about New York?  Most people there don't have cars.  It costs a lot of money to park them - and the subways, buses and taxis will get you anywhere you can't walk to.  We mostly walked and took the subway everywhere.

We also rode on a tour bus
and saw a whole bunch of neat buildings and places.

This is the Flatiron Building.
They call it that because it's shaped like an old cast-iron clothes iron.

And here's a great view of the Met Life Tower at night.

We walked to Rockefeller Center and saw the GE Building (also known as 30 Rock)
which is 70 stories high!  There were people ice skating there in front of it, too.

Just down the block we saw Radio City Music Hall and the NBC Studios.

We looked down another block and found this awesome church called Saint Patrick's Cathedral.
Isn't it fancy?

The next morning we headed over to the Empire State Building,
 the second tallest building in New York!

The view from the top was pretty amazing.
I could see the entire city from up there!

I loved our visit to the Museum of Natural History.
I couldn't believe all of the animals in there!  I had Gerb take pictures of a few of my favorites.  Check out these tigers!
Have you ever seen a real elephant up close?  They're so big!

And don't these Asian rhinoceros look kind of like dinosaurs?

Have you ever seen the movie Night at the Museum?  I found a couple of my favorite characters from that movie in the real museum.  Here's Rexy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

And here's the Easter Island statue.
I tried giving him some gum, but he still didn't move.  I guess he only comes alive at night, after the museum is closed.  It was worth a try, though.

We went for a ride on a ferry and got to see a huge aircraft carrier that was docked there
 as well as the Brooklyn Bridge.

 But one of the neatest things I got to see was the Statue of Liberty.
Isn't she beautiful?

Once we were back on land we walked to the New York Public Library.
It's the second largest library in the United States - and probably the nicest, too!  We tried to go inside one day but a guard shooed us away because there were a bunch of people going inside for a fancy party that you had to have an invitation for.  Isn't the outside cool, though?

Here's the Chrysler Building at night.
 I love the design on the top of it.   It looks like a bunch of crowns all stacked on top of each other.

We walked over to Grand Central Station next.  Now I know why it's called 'Grand'!
Can you believe how huge this main area is?  It's the largest train station in the world.

The next morning was our last day in New York.  We saw an awesome memorial that is a part of what is called called Tiles for America. 
After New York was attacked on September 11, 2001, people all over the world decorated tiles to show their support, sadness, and hope and sent them to New York.  Some of those tiles were on display here.

We walked down Wall Street and saw the New York Stock Exchange building.

It was awesome to see the Freedom Tower being built where the Twin Towers used to stand.
When it is finished it will be the tallest building in the United States and the third tallest building in the world at 1,776 feet high!  But for now, it's the tallest building in New York.

No trip to New York is complete without trying a pizza pie, so we took a break for some lunch.
Man, was it ever delicious!   

We walked to Washington Square Park next.  Here I am by the famous arch.

Later we found Carnegie Hall,

The Plaza Hotel,

and my favorite place of all - a toy store called FAO Schwarz.  This real-life toy soldier stands guard outside the main doors.

Inside is every kid's dream come true!  The main floor is almost completely filled with all sorts of sweets that you can buy, in all sorts of sizes I have never seen before.  Some of the candy bars were 5 times bigger than me!

 I also loved this little corner of the store where you can create your own Muppet puppet.

Upstairs is their famous Big Piano.  The guy who was in charge there saw me and said, "Flat Stanley!  You want to play a note?"
 It was so cool to be recognized by someone.  Look at me go!

We walked over to Central Park, too.  I thought this bridge was really cool because it's in the movie Enchanted.
You should watch the movie sometime and see if you can spot it.

Another really fun thing I got to do while in New York was to see two Broadway shows - Newsies and Wicked.
Live theater is pretty amazing.  The way everyone can dance and sing just makes me say "Wow!"

We flew back to Allen and Gerb's house the next day.  What a great trip!  Once I'm done writing this, Gerb promises she'll put me in my comfy envelope and send me back home to you in California.  I should be on my way any day now, so watch your mailbox!

See you soon!

Flat Stanley


Brown Thumb Mama said...

Hi, Flat Stanley! *waves hand wildly* Glad you enjoyed the trip too!

Teachinfourth said...

First off, I love the sights! I saw so many of these as well...I'm also glad that you were able to take Stanley along with you.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

That is so awesome! We have Flat Stanley visiting us in Colorado - pretty sad for him he won't get a surprise trip to New York City while here though! Side note - we took another Flat Stanley to Paris with us and it is SO hard to find pictures of us without him.

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