Sunday, January 30, 2011

Repeat Performance

Remember this?

Well, Cowgirl's at it again.

I noticed over the last couple of days that she has been wearing her bangs to the side with a clip placed right square in the middle of her forehead.

This morning before church I asked her to come and let me help her do her hair. She got a freaked out look on her face which I quickly understood as I brushed her bangs out...

She had cut her hair again. Last Friday.

Her explanation was that I was asleep on Friday morning and she wanted them cut before school. She didn't think she did too bad of a job last time so she figured she'd try it again. This time? Not so lucky.

She felt terrible about it so I did my best to fix her hair to hide the new 'do.

She must have liked the end result because she then gave me permission to post pictures on my blog. (No one can resist the chance to be a star!)


Amy L said...

Not that you need them, but you get serious mom points for this. She looks great!

Rachel said...

She looks cute!!!

I'll never forget the day I walked into Kirsten's room and saw blong hair all over the floor and knew it was NOT from a doll or toy..... I wanted to cry!!

Autumn said...

I am so sorry about your leg. My husband saw it and remember he is a funeral director and he said your leg looks like a tissue donor. So add that to your list Bionic Woman. Congrats on the baby. I too had a baby in October. I thought the bday 10-10-10 would be pretty cool and thought he might come early. Instead he came 6 days after his due date on yet another cool day 10-20-2010.

Richard & Natalie said...

I hope that when Emma does this (because I know she will) I can keep my cool and make the best of it like you did.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Oh she did a "good" job on her hair there! My daughter cut her hair when she was tiny - but not since then. I should knock on wood and cross my fingers!!

Just SO said...

I have an awesome picture of my pre-school graduation where I had no bangs because I cut them off. I have a picture of my youngest daughter in a similar situation. And then there was the hair cut that could only be fixed by buzzing her head. She never cut her hair after that.

Your Cowgirl is a cutie!

Today's Gift said...

Aww, cute!

When I was young and trying to grow my bangs out I had little wispy hairs at my hairline and one day I decided to cut them off and had super short bangs. Sadly I just had to wait till they grew out.

"Lucky" said...

WOW! The "after" is ADORABLE! Nice job hiding the short bangs :)