Thursday, January 6, 2011

For My Friends At Sorenson

Dear Sorenson Friends,

I got an email from Maria (Hi Maria! Thanks for the email!) and she mentioned that a whole bunch of you read my blog. I just wanted you all to know that just knowing that totally made my day. It's almost like I'm still one of the gang.

You ladies rock.

Much love,


Richard & Natalie said...


Gina said...

Are you kidding? You ARE the gang. There would be no gang without you. Your name is like bread and butter to us. YOU-US-FOREVER! Love you.

I lalalalove that name. Adorable! Or should I say manly? Great in any case.

Still hoping that this unexpected arrival time will allow you to come visit with us. I will come pick you up? You've gotta come. (I do totally understand if you don't though. Double excuses now.)

OK. The end. Now all us Sorenson gals with talk about this post and how special we feel to have one going out to us in particular

Gerb said...

Gina- You make me happy. Please keep leaving me comments. Every one always brightens my day! As for the gathering - as much as I would LOVE to be there I'll likely still be recovering. But I'm going to try to remember to make phone contact so I can at least feel of the happy powers that come about when a group of awesome women get together via phone.